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  1. I don't have time to got through your logic in detail, but here are a few suggestions as to best programming practices: 1) Do not rename the Main Routine. Use it for Power-Ups, configurations blocks, and subroutine calls only. 2) Do not place multiple logic threads in a single ladder rung, as you have done in Rung 4 of Relay Control. 3) It is usually best to keep the logic simple and use more ladder rungs. You will not run out of rungs. 4) Rung 1 of Relay Control should probably be simplified (break it up into multiple rungs) and I think it's odd that you are using a direct contact activating an Increment function. You will be incrementing that register on every scan until the HMI button is released. Use a Positive Transition contact unless you are trying to count how many scans go by during a button press for some unfathomable reason. That said, most of your code looks pretty good and your HMI screens are terrific.
  2. You're welcome. I do have to make a correction. Due to the fact that your ladder has a direct coil for O0, the Power-Up setting will have no effect. Turn it off anyway.
  3. I moved this to the correct forum. You're unlikely to find someone to write your software for you for free. I recommend that you either hire a programmer to write your software, or undertake the task of learning how to program. If you do that and have questions or difficulty, the kind folks on this forum will help you.
  4. Then what you have will work except that the output will already be on due to the Power-Up setting. Change that setting to either RESET or NONE.
  5. This is ambiguous. Do you want the output to turn on for 2 seconds after the button is pressed (this is what you have), or do you want the output to turn on after the button has been held down for 2 seconds? Also, you appear to have the Power-Up for O0 as SET. This will turn on the output as soon as the PLC boots up. Is this what you intended?
  6. Did you confirm in Device Manager that COM 3 is the correct com port? If you had to change hard drives, you may have a different driver for your USB to Serial adapter. Try re-installing that driver.
  7. Make sure you have selected the proper COM port in the U90 Ladder, as it can sometimes change. Go to Device Manager to confirm.
  8. @Cara Bereck Levy, this is probably not in your purview, but can you forward this issue to the proper person?
  9. I do see the issue of the border not surrounding the entire button (it's closer to 80%), and I'd like to see Unitronics address that, but have never had a problem with a keypress being difficult.
  10. Not sure what is going on here, but I have used dozens of V700s and have never encountered this problem.
  11. Flex727


    I watched the attempted moon landing today with great anticipation. Sadly, there was a failure just seconds before the landing which prevented the mission from being a total success, however, I would like to congratulate the Israel Space Agency, Israel, and all the Israeli people for what they did accomplish. This was a private initiative that attempted to do something that only 3 other nations have accomplished in the history of man (and something that none of them are still able to accomplish). What they did successfully accomplish was to place a spacecraft into a stable orbit around the moon, which also has only been performed by three other nations. This was an inspiration to us all and I am certain the next attempt will be 100% successful.
  12. Seems like there should be an easy answer to this, but I don't see it. I'd like to flash text on a web page (i.e. flashing warning message). Using Frequency.Frequency 1 (s) to turn a visibility bit off & on doesn't work, presumably because the web page is not refreshing often enough. I know there are HTML tags to allow text to flash, but how to make UniLogic do that?
  13. As Joe said, this isn't Unitronics software. While it may be useful as a learning tool, I would never use it in a production environment. The PLCs themselves are relatively inexpensive - buy one to use for development if you are doing serious programming. It is the only way to ensure you are getting the results that will work in a actual production environment. I say this as an independent contractor - I have no relationship with Unitronics except for the assistance I provide on this user forum.
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