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  1. I do this all the time with Vision PLCs. I can't imagine not being able to with UniStream. Did you try it?
  2. @Rory, I split this off into a separate topic in the correct forum. Hopefully you'll get better and faster help that way.
  3. Maybe a little off-topic, but I need to have redundant power supplies (24V for the PLC) in a system. What is the best approach to this? Two power supplies running all the time in parallel or a relay that switches when a power supply fails? I'm not sure the relay would be fast enough to prevent the PLC and other related 24V hardware from going down. Any education in this area would be greatly appreciated. @Joe Tauser, do you have relevant experience with this?
  4. This is all SOOO entertaining (seriously)! Unraveling one of the great mysteries of our professional lives.
  5. No problem with the wait. Many thanks for the help! Yeah, that's the $64,000 question I don't have an answer to yet. The request is from my customer's customer and I haven't got the details yet. But I heard Bluetooth and thought I should at least get educated on it so I can respond realistically.
  6. Thanks, @kratmel. The person in the Forum post I mentioned was French, so this makes some sense. Apparently Unitronics was able to obtain radio electronics approval in France but didn't pursue anywhere else.
  7. Good thought, @viscoelastic, though it looks like I'd have to obtain 5V.
  8. I have a customer who is inquiring about obtaining some data from a PLC using Bluetooth. searching the Unitronics website has been fruitless. Searching the Forum returned someone mentioning a com module V100-17-BT1, which I can find no other mention of. Does Unitronics have any capability to communicate via Bluetooth?
  9. Try re-running Version Swapper. Also make sure the project file is on a local drive and not nested too deeply in the folder structure.
  10. There is some Vision I/O that does this as well. Drove me crazy until I got confirmation from Unitronics support.
  11. I'm not sure how you can have a 24VAC digital input - makes no sense to me. However, can you just rectify the inputs to obtain 24VDC? Or use relays?
  12. I see your problem now. The 4mA value would need to be 13107, not 255. Try that.
  13. I split this off into a separate topic since it didn't belong where it was. Regarding your question, the result looks correct to me. You are linearizing the value 11,159 to 0 - 10 from 255 - 65535. I didn't do the math, but 11,159 looks to be about 2 tenths of the way from 255 to 65535. Edit: I see you've changed the attached picture since I posted my response. However, my answer remains the same. The linearization appears to be about right.
  14. This is not true. Right now I have 13 versions of VisiLogic and 8 versions of UniLogic installed on my PC. I switch between them with ease. With VisiLogic, you have to use Version Swapper, which takes about 5-7 seconds. With UniLogic, it's only a matter of clicking the correct shortcut for the version I want to run.
  15. I don't use this feature so I may not be of much help, however, did you check the basics? Has the SD card been formatted with the Unitronics SD card utility? Is SB 217 turned on with the SD card inserted? Is the html file in the correct folder? Also, what capacity is the SD card?
  16. Why did you update the PC software? Totally agree with this. That's why I ALWAYS maintain the same version programming software as used in the installed system unless there is some overwhelming necessity for updating, in which case I will be prepared for all the machinations required to update the PLC.
  17. By the way, standard programming loops (and GOTOs) are very poor practice in PLCs using Ladder Logic. A mistake could trigger the Watchdog Timer and halt your program. It's much better to use a State Machine instead.
  18. Is there some reason something simple like this won't work for you? Substitute the Exit Loop bit for whatever conveniently exits your loop.
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