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  1. Temperature sensor problems

    There is a filter built-in to the Hardware Configuration for the sensor input. In addition, there are filter Function Block options available under the Function Block (FB) drop down menu when in ladder view.
  2. Temperature sensor problems

    Thermocouple inputs normally have an implied decimal point to give you a reading in tenths of a degree. Either display the value using the implied decimal, or divide by 10 to get an integer value. There are filters available to help stabilize the temperature reading, if needed.
  3. Accumulated timer for more than 99h

    Just have a 24 hour timer which increments a "Days" counter (or integer operand). Or if your display must be in hours, then a 60 minute timer that increments an "Hours" counter (or integer operand).
  4. Project Navigation Tree

    I'm thinking the "Project Navigation Tree" is the left-hand pane with the HW Configuration, Ladder, HMI, Alarms, Trends, String Library, etc.
  5. Your problem looks similar to this one: http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/4803-samba-hmi-text-objects-invisible/
  6. Vision to Samba

    You can find the resolution of the PLCs on the Unitronics website, or just position your cursor in the lower right corner of the VisiLogic HMI programming screen to read it off directly. The problem you're encountering is because Samba has smaller memory operand space. You cannot have more than 512 MBs, 256 MIs, or 32 MLs, DWs, & Timers. If you have fewer than this number, try moving all the operands to addresses less than those numbers.
  7. Vision to Samba

    It's going to depend on the resolution of the two PLCs. If they're both the same, then it's very straightforward, but if the resolution of the Vision PLC is higher, then you're going to have to do some work. Unfortunately, it will require manually placing all the elements if the two PLCs have different resolutions.
  8. I recommend posting your program here, but the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that the subroutine is causing a Watchdog Timer error.
  9. Visilogic 9.8.64 - Go Get it!

    Interesting! Have you confirmed the STL is correctly encoded for this type of structure?
  10. I have a customer that, due to an accident, has a V1210 with a shattered screen. Does anyone know if this can be repaired (economically)?
  11. Is the V1040 Socket 2 set up as a TCP/IP Slave? Is there a ScanEX function block being executed on every PLC scan? Check the Ethernet-related System Bits SB 141-SB 158 and the System Integers SI 141-SI 148 while online with the PLC to see if there is anything out of order. When you pinged, did you ping to Port 502?
  12. @Ausman's creative genius never ceases to amaze me!
  13. You coded that up and tested quickly! Glad it's working for you.
  14. Sure you can, but timers only have a resolution of 10ms. Just multiply your MI by 100 and use "Store Timer/Counter Preset" for the TD timer you wish to use. Make the timer self-resetting (timer activated by inverted contact of the timer) then have a positive transition of the timer activate a toggle coil of the MB you wish to use for the pulse train. If this isn't clear, I'll post a screen capture of the logic - just let me know. Remember, you must use increments of 10ms. You cannot have a 12ms timer.
  15. There are also example projects that come with your VisiLogic and UniLogic installations that may be of help.
  16. Reliable modbus supervisor PLC

    I'm not a distributor so I don't have any price information, but I think there's only one serial port add-on for the Vision and Samba lines, although there may be an isolated port variant as well. As far as the M91 and the V120/V130, I believe the serial port is built in.
  17. Reliable modbus supervisor PLC

    The Samba 35 with a RS485 add-on should do the job inexpensively. The Vision 120 or 130 would also do the job for a few dollars less, but the Samba has a MUCH nicer display. The M91 would probably be the least expensive solution from Unitronics, with a 2-line display and built-in 485 port, but uses the U90 Ladder software for programming which can be a bit more cumbersome than the outstanding VisiLogic programming software used for the Vision and Samba lines.
  18. You downloaded a blank project then downloaded your project again?
  19. This has worked for me in the past for similar problems and may be all you need to do.
  20. Touching a blank area of the screen of the PLC for 4-5 seconds. will take you into INFO mode. The default password is 1111.
  21. Unfortunately, I don't have a Samba available, so I downloaded the program into a V700. Everything showed up perfectly, so there is nothing wrong with your program. I suggest the following: -Re-download the program fully. I would pull the power and the battery from the PLC for at least 20 min, then replace both and perform the download. If still the same, then check the status of the firmware by pressing Ctrl-F9 and going to the 4th tab over and press the "Check" button. Upgrade the OS if it says to and repeat the above. If still no improvement, contact your distributor or email support@unitronics.com. I have seen this type of thing before (very rarely) and it was usually some glitch that never repeated once the program was re-downloaded.
  22. Sorry, that was shorthand for your .vlp file.
  23. You can find the IP address of the PLC in INFO mode. If you are going to communicate with the PLC via Ethernet, you need to set up Ethernet Configuration and assign an appropriate IP address in the ladder.