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  1. I don't know what's wrong with your AP, but I have done this before using this wireless AP: https://www.amazon.com/VAP11G-500-Industrial-High-Power-Amplifier-Connector/dp/B01193XDOG/ It connects right up and works well.
  2. Also, try downloading a blank project, do initialize & reset, then download your project again.
  3. No, you're absolutely right - if you might want to adjust the time in the future, a self-resetting timer is what you should be using.
  4. Looks to me like TD 13 IS a positive transitional, since it's a self-resetting timer. It's only on for one scan. Also, for future reference to jkoenig, since you're doing one per second, you can use SB 13 instead and save a few keystrokes.
  5. From a logic standpoint, coils in series or parallel is identical. I personally prefer to place them in parallel, as @Jeff164 has done because it helps avoid the problem of mistaking coils for contacts, as someone of my advanced age with poor eyesight is prone to do.
  6. Unfortunately, no. This has long been requested to no avail. You can run two instances of VisiLogic, but they run in their own separate memory space and thus you cannot copy/paste from one to the other.
  7. Flex727

    U90 Ladder - JZ20-J-T18

    Make sure you have selected the correct COM port in U90Ladder. Confirm it's the correct one by checking Device Manager in Windows.
  8. Jokes like this belong in "The Lounge" forum topic.
  9. Flex727

    Comment programmer une régulation

    Translation: Please let us know which PLC you are using and someone will move this post to the correct forum.
  10. Be sure you re-install VisiLogic "As Administrator". That means right-click on the installation file and select "Run as adminstrator". Then after installation be sure your shortcut, under the Compatibility tab, has the box "Run this program as administrator" checked.
  11. Apparently some of the moderators have lives or like to sleep at night. Not me of course - I'm just lazy.
  12. I haven't done anything like this before either, but I would imagine that you would do a data table lookup after each barcode scan, and if the barcode already exists in the DT, increment the value for the daily subtotal. If the barcode doesn't exist, then enter it in the first empty row.
  13. That's basically zero. The value you should see on the MI is 0-16,383, which is scaled to 0-10V (i.e. 1V = 1638, 5V = 8191, 10V = 16383).
  14. According to your link, the sensor output is only 0-4.5 volts. However, you should be able to make that work. The standard analog input on hte V350-35-RA22 has 14-bit resolution, which even at half scale will still give you at least 2 or 3 decimal places of precision. How are you measuring the 2-3 volts you say you are getting? Is this a direct measurement with a voltmeter, or are you linearizing the analog input on the PLC?
  15. I have 11 different versions of VisiLogic installed on my computer. This is because I refuse to update the firmware on a working PLC (unless absolutely necessary) and want to use the original VisiLogic version whenever I need to edit or update an old PLC program. However, I very frequently open an older program in whatever version I happen to be using (lately 9.8.65) just to check something or remind me how I solved some logic problem previously. I have NEVER seen any problem like what you describe. Something else is wrong with the project file.
  16. Yeah, that warning message is a bit misleading, but what they mean is that any element's touch property is always momentary contact. The toggle checkbox creates the toggle feature, so it conflicts with the touch property.
  17. What are you using if not the MJ10-22-CS35?
  18. Then I would say it's a driver problem, or you didn't select the correct COM Port in VisiLogic. Your USB-to-Serial device likely uses a different driver and COM Port than the one installed by VisiLogic for the direct USB cable.
  19. There are also example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation that will help you.
  20. Why are you wanting to use REAL in this application? You can have multiple decimal places of precision using integers. For example, if you want two decimal places of precision in your project, linearize from -4500 to +4500. This will give you an implied two decimal places. You can then display it with the two decimal places on screen and use the number in calculations and other manipulations, remembering that the value is 100 times the actual value.
  21. Flex727

    unitronics bug

    Hmm, just tried it and see no issue. Maybe something specific to your graphics card or driver?
  22. I agree this would be nice. I always place a bit of text in a particular location for all my projects, but I have to remember to update it every time I update the project.
  23. Yes, you have 4 sockets available for Ethernet communication. Initialize the 4 sockets and configure for MODBUS IP using the IP address and port numbers for the 4 slaves. Connect to each one and use MODBUS read commands to obtain the data you want. There are example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation that will demonstrate one way to accomplish all this.