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  1. You have several problems here. What is the purpose of MB 146? Do NOT do conditional subroutine calls. It is also very inadvisable to do conditional Socket initializations, especially here where it is completely unnecessary. Please post your program here. We need to see inside your function blocks to provide any meaningful help.
  2. There are a lot of different files that make all of this work. They are not all updated at the same time. There is no reason the versions numbers would remain in sync.
  3. You can run Remote Operator on a Windows computer and put the computer display on a TV.
  4. Guess what? I found this setting in the Project / Options section. Wish I had seen this sooner. My preference would be for the checkbox to be available in the download dropdown since I don't ALWAYS want to go online after a download, but I'll take it.
  5. VisiLogic is free. I'm not sure what happens when you don't register, but if you're having problems, sent a request to support@unitronics.com. They should be able to help you and they are usually very responsive.
  6. What PLC and I/O are you using? High Speed inputs will calculate frequency for you.
  7. I'm using UniLogic 1.28.34 and can see no way to add a string variable to the body of an email. Am I missing something? If not, anyone know of a workaround?
  8. Doesn't seem to be any forum that's a great fit for this topic, but placed it in the closest I thought was applicable.
  9. What did you change? If you changed the comm settings for your serial port being used for PC-PLC comms, then you can interrupt the ability to connect from VisiLogic. Go into INFO Mode and check your serial port settings.
  10. Those Snap-In module connections can be a bear. Thanks for getting back with the solution.
  11. In addition to kratmel's excellent advice, are the PLCs the Master or Slave to the SCADA? If Master, then there are some Ethernet System Operand settings that can improve connection recovery. Also, there are some ladder code techniques that will auto-reconnect when the connection is lost. Can you post your program here?
  12. Post your program here so we can help you.
  13. You're looking at a blank project file because you didn't open Joe's file (notice it says "Untitled" instead of Statemachineexample"). Make sure Joe's file is downloaded on your hard drive then open it from within VisiLogic.
  14. No, in VisiLogic the favorites are saved with the project and are specific to the project, as they should be.
  15. This is terrible in my opinion. Connection settings are project specific and need to be saved with the project.
  16. I just discovered that if I have Ethernet connection "Favorites" saved in a project file then open that file on a different computer, they are no longer there. Am I missing something? I am using version 1.28.34.
  17. Try this one instead. Also, there are example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation.
  18. Yes, you are correct. I've also found it a bit confusing at times as some of the Unitronics modules give the full range for 4-20mA (like the Siemens you describe). But the IO-AI8 definitely shows a value of 3277 at 4mA in Normal Mode.
  19. In Normal Mode, it has 14-bit resolution, so the 4-20mA range is 3277-16383. In Fast Mode, it has 12-bit resolution, so the 4-20mA range is 819-4095. All the technical specs for the Unitronics PLCs and I/O modules are readily available on the Unitronics website.
  20. No, it is not possible to pause a program. You're not thinking in Ladder Logic. There is a Watchdog Timer that will shut you down if the program does not execute continuously. What you must do is write your program so that when the pressure goes too high the correct actions are taken, such as preventing valves from opening. Pausing timers is a different issue. Only an Accumulating timer can be paused. Depending on what you're doing, if you need a timer to be paused, a timer may not be your best option (maybe a counter would be better). Though it is possible to Store and Load timer values if needed.
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