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  1. Stein None of the above resolved the problem. I snt both applications to your attention to tech Support on October 15th. Rick M
  2. I recently was having a problem with the CSV delimited write function and it was suggested on the forum that I make sure I was using Visilogic 8.6.1 and O/S 3.1(19). Since I have updated to O/S 3.1(19) and Visilogic 8.6.1 the send email with attachment has stopped functioning. It is working in the field in the code created in version 8.6.0 and on O/S 3.1(19) and O/S 3.1(5). I connect to the email server (SB 150), but I do not get send email in progress SB 345. I have since upgraded to Visilogic 8.6.2 (deleted the email function and rebuilt it) and the same problem is occurring. Rick M
  3. Hi Ofir Using V570, O/S 3.1(05) and VisiLogic 8.6.0 Build 0 I currently have 10 systems running and have seen it happen a month ago on one of the units and two days ago on two other units, unfortunately I did not record which unit it was a month ago. The two units were reset by the customer so I don’t have the status message value of the function. The units are due for a program update so I will increase the vector length at that time. I can update to VisiLogic 8.6.1, I see in the version change document that the email function GUI has been improved so I will review prior to my program updates as the units are emailing with attachments. The units are mobile and I connect with a ethernet VPN connection through a cell modem and have not tried an O/S upgrade over the modem, so will test when I have someone at a unit. We are in the process of commissioning three units and building an additional 45 units so I will make sure they are up to date. Rick M
  4. I have a number of identical systems that write a .CSV delimited line to an SD card once a minute. Occasionally one of them will hang, with SB 344 (SD: Write .CSV delimited line to SD in Progress) on and cannot be reset. I have re-initialized the PLC to get SB 344 to reset. What is the best way to reset this bit and what is causing SB 344 to remain on? Rick M.
  5. Ofir Thanks for the prompt reply. The same application is running on all units. I was able to connect to the mobile unit and it looks like it may be a SD Card problem, I have not received a email since last night and the SD card is now showing not present SB217 off). Will have to chase down the unit. Rick
  6. I have 11 units emailing me an attached csv file every 15 minutes, one of the units is erroring with a status message of "521". All of the units are operating with O/S 3.1 build 05 and programmed with Visilogic 8.6. Is there a complete listing of the error codes for the email function?
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