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  1. ORSO2001

    Set 8 analog inputs

    Hi PLCsLOL when you add a module like analog input all its references (input value, status registers etc) are available in the "IO" menu than you can find in the bottom part of the window also where are available the menu: Global, Timers, Struct etc if you select this menu (IO) will show the list of the added modules; select what you want and all references will appear. when you add the module in hardware configurator its properties and references will be available for the ladder function as others tags...I think that the inputs and reference status of these modules will return or a INT16 or INT32 ...then for example...if you insert a comparison element one of its field can be filled with an input of the analogic input... for each of these input you can set an "alias" name....this can be done by the IO menu on the bottom...select input...and a column of alias name is present.
  2. ORSO2001

    Arduino Mega to a Unistream HMI/PLC via MODBUS

    Hi Andrew, exist many arduino library to use modbus RTU or TCP protocol..both master and slave...then how do the sketch depends on which library you will choose. each library include examples and someone also a manual...pay attention that Arduino MEGA doesn't has a native RS485 or ethernet port then you will need some extra board (usually cheap).
  3. ORSO2001

    Mail send problem

    Hi All, I am trying to send some mails and, for some of these, I have this "error message" (not from PLC but from the mail server): Reporting-MTA: dns; santino.mail.tiscali.it [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Received-From-MTA: dns; Unistream [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Arrival-Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2018 20:06:13 +0000 Final-recipient: rfc822; xxx.xxx@libero.it (but also xxx.xxx@gmail.com) Action: failed Status: 5.1.1 Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 552 This message is not RFC 2822 compliant [smtp-22.iol.local; LIB_670] Last-attempt-Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2018 20:06:13 +0000 the mail send works with other like "tiscali" mail, also with "email" ...I don't tried others. I looked for this in internet...seems that is my server "tiscali" that don't forwarded the mail...but I don't understood why...if I send directly with my mail service these works...then is something coupled at the PLC request...but what? thanks
  4. ORSO2001

    Web Server...need information.

    Hi Ofir, thanks for the answer; I know that I can set a BIT using a button in a web server page; also I know that I can dinamicaly pass a String to an hyper link object...and I already tougth ( I have to test this) a way to drive/force the user in some action to be sure that one at time can insert/modify a parameter. Thanks again
  5. ORSO2001

    Issue with languages selection...

    Hi Saragani, I found the cause of the problem (obviously my fault); I have wrongly insert one more set of one of these bits, that I use to recall French language, in a wrongly place. I removed this and all works fine. In my previously checks I didn' see it. Sorry if I waste your time.
  6. ORSO2001

    Unilogic V 1.24.48

    Hi Giovanny, what you mean?...sorry I don't understood.
  7. ORSO2001

    23/5000 I need to compare dates

    hi Rogero, if you want compare two Strings you can use the specific "String compare" module that return true if the two String are equals; in this module you can select if the check has to include the "key sensitive" function or not...otherwise you have the RTC struct that manage the date and time as UINT8 and UINT16 ...then you can do the same ...use the module "equal" in the "compare" group.
  8. ORSO2001

    Issue with languages selection...

    hi Saragani, I already sent the project to support; I have the agreement that I also send a video about the issue.
  9. ORSO2001

    Issue with languages selection...

    Hi Saragani, I tried many checks; to be clear I always let the three languages selectable ( I don't tried the single one whitout the others included in the project)...also at the moment I don't have translate any text...I saw this (language selected) by the builtin keyboard and the languages shown in the UniApps....I will send the project by mail to the support.
  10. Dear All, in my project I create a screen about language selection; I insert 3 buttons to select English, French and Italian; for each button I add, in the action list of the button, a BIT set that will be used in the actions list in the soluction explorer....and for each of those BITs I select the language to recall...I found that I have to invert the selection between French and Italian ...English works properly. I am using 1.24.56
  11. Dear All, is the first time that I use the web server...I tried to find what I need but, unfortunatelly, without success...I need to know when some one is conneced by web server, if is doing something by the web pages (push something...buttons or simply the screen) and how to load a web page by a BIT change....I try to explain...I created my DTI for the user/password ( I don't use the built-in function)...my web server main page will ask to insert these information...if the log will be ok a new page will appear and let the user do what she/he wants...if not action is done in some time automatically she/he will log out and the main page has to be loaded again...is it possible? thanks
  12. ORSO2001

    HMI object never covered by other...

    Hi Saragani, sorry if I were not clear...the projects are not the same...one was done with a previously version, maybe 1.19.xx...I have to check, this is a new project (totally different) start with 1.23.25 and from yesterday with 1.24.56. I will send both and also a video for both.
  13. ORSO2001

    HMI object never covered by other...

    Good morning Saragani, yesterday I upgrade the Unilogic at the last version 1.24.56 and the "problem" still be present. OK I can send the project and/or make a video....have I send all at the usual mail?...I can send the video by JUMBO MAIL? thanks
  14. ORSO2001

    Sampler not works properly...

    ok...I tried with a PLC cycles counter of 1000, for each Samples.Start/End_Sampling...and works (also .CSV file is created)...I reduced until 2 cycles (very fast action) and also works...then seems exactly a buffer problem when 1 cycle is not enough to reach the "save file" command.
  15. ORSO2001

    Sampler not works properly...

    ok...I will try and I let you know...anyway ...seems strange that , as for the DT functions, is not present a value, in the "Sampler.Status" to highlight "record in progress" or that the "SD Files.Save DT Busy" is not blocking the next action...