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  1. dears All, I will have to modify an old project where I used a lot of retained tags (was my first project and I was not very skilled...for sure worst than now 😁 )...I want to replace the retained tags with a struct referred at a DTI...then save this on the SD. my question is...if I will upload a new project , the same but with more UDFB-tags etc, the retained tags that are used at the moment still contain the same value or will be reset? just to know if I can do this without problem, because I will also update the PLC version, or if I have to think something to save the retained tags and upload these later. thanks
  2. Dears, I will have to include a pdf file that is 25 MB; this pdf has 20 pages and each page is sized as others...then, more or less, 1300 KB for each page....what is the max size of the pdf file and for the single page that the pdf viewer can manage? until now my pdf files was around 300-400 KB and I don't had problem but this file include many pictures with "high" definition then is quite heavy...then I need to know if I have to reduce again the quality of the pictures or not (I know about the HMI resolution...in my case 800x480). thanks PS: I found in the "hardware" forum that, as internal storage, the limit is 4MB...I will store the pdf in the SD...then each page can has a size until 4MB?
  3. dear anas, sorry and forgive me if I am brutal but if really you don't have time maybe is better if you "pay" someone to do the program...otherwise, if you will find the needed time, you will appreciate the Unistream world (software, forum and devices). Said this...about your questions....1->A bit to define the up/down direction and a bit for enable or disable the action; 2->has to be a settable speed but fixed or has to be reuglated by some "logic" like PID ?...both has to refer at the previously two bits. 3-> in the HMI page you can add some elements, one of these is to insert number; this element has to be linked at a tag; also for each element you can decide/set some characteristics...like...only read or read and write; min and max value that you can digit; visibility and touchable property etc...if you enable the "writable" option when you will push the element in the touch screen a keypad will appear to let you insert the value. About the point 2...which VDF?...unitronics or other branch?...if you will decide unitronics the Unilogic program, when you will add the VDF element, will create a specific struct (assemble of tags) to let you manage this and have information from this...and the PLC<->VDF connection will do by a bus line. other suggestion is, before start with the program, check how many and which tyoe of input/output that you need to buy the right hardware...for example the actuator has move between a safety min or max switchs?...the mixer has to have a "sensor" to check the rotation of the shaft? also...have you to check the safety cut off of the mixer motor/actuator? etc etc. and these are NO or NC? etc etc
  4. hi Rinehartrr, are you talking about "generic PLC alarm" or "generic alarm of your project"? If it is the first one...if I well remember a tag about ERRNO is present in the General struc...maybe others tags...but I don't remember exactly. if it is the second one ...how are you managin the alarms in your project?...by the builtin alarm manager or by something done by you? in my projects I don't use the builtin alarm manager (that is good) but something done by me... in this way,in the struct that I use for the new/actual alarm, I include many information for each alarm and what the PLC has to do for each of them...obviously if an alarm is present I have included an OR bit for the alarm that enable the horn and the red lamp.
  5. Hi DENSOHUD, if I well understood what you need and you are talking about a GUI made in the HMI of the unistream PLC...one of the project example is referred at the alarms management, not by the builtin alarm management but at store and read alarms from a DTI; I think that this is pretty way to do what you need.
  6. Hi all, untill now I used the MODBUS protocol to connect the PLC with PC (C#) ...now I am trying for the first time the SQL and FTP (two different jobs) but a library/driver for the .NET like in the VISION (I took a fast look) could be nice. thanks
  7. Hi German, in your UDFB you can insert the timer function TON, TOFF , TRESET...etc.. referred at a specific timer...is at your charge enable or disable these function by a BIT status; however you can pass as functionIn the current (UINT32), preset (UINT32) and the out status (BIT) of a timer.
  8. hi...if the DTI can be sorted from the beginning (when this is populated) you can check the valuo of the row "0" if this value is less of the row that you have to insert increase a variable to check the next row...do so on...when the result is positive (the new value is less on the read row) you can use the "insert row" UDFB...and reset the variable to check the row. I hope that my explaination is clear.
  9. hi, can be the DTI sorted from the beginning or you also need to know the time order that each record was insert? how many rows are in the DTI?
  10. hi GonzaloRoldan_, what data type are column A and B?
  11. hi Meetto, maybe I misunderstood what you mean/need...has the PLC take the information directly from the excell file in your PC or these information can be stored in a DT in the PLC?...the cells values are variables or static? just to be clear....the columns in a table are indexed by a "name" not by a value...then if you have a table X with columns A,B,C you can search/insert/cancel/read a value in the X.A or X.B or X.C...the result can be or the table row where the value is stored or the value of the specific row in the specific column etc. If you search "excell" in the unistream help file you will found many interesting things about how to use .xls files with the PLC...but, in my opinion, and I repeat maybe I have wrong what you really need, you have to find the way to combine and manage the information that you have (as I wrote in my previously post).
  12. Hi Meetto, ok...so you have to play at "battleship"...i am not sure to have understood how your table works...the "sound" cells increase every time by 0.05 then is a constant that can be used to define the rows in the table...also the trim variation is always by 0.5 then other constant...so I think that you can create a single table for each trim column...you can check if the trim has a specific value to determinate which table has to check...by the sound value you can check/load the row value...for this last, to determinate the row number, you can multiply the sound value for 100 and divide for 5...example...sound 0 will be (0*100)/5=0 (row 0 in the table)...sound is 0.25 will be (0.25*100)/5 = 5 (row 5 in the table).
  13. hi...I think that all the values of your table are the result of a math formula calculation...why you don't use the same formula to have the same result in real time instead of a static (boring to do) DT?
  14. Hi all, a customer ask to have a double access control...one by "username/password" and also a fingerprint control...for the first no problem...about the second (fingerprint) some suggestion for the hardware? I checked but I found or cheap model that can be connected/used with arduino/raspberry or something "higher level" but that use an owner software for PC connection. thanks
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