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  1. dear Saragani, sorry...what you mean for unplug and re-plug?...are you talking about during update?...I turned ON my PLC then update without any power missing and without any "error" message...only at the end I have had the highlight that the program uploaded was not "compatible" with the actual version (as usual)...then I tried to upload the update project version...and I have had the "error message"...with other projects, where I don't use UAC, I don't have problem....do I have upload again the last unilogic version? thanks
  2. Dear EduMarg, I done what you seggested...upload an empty project (and it works) I tried again to upload the project with the UAC and I have had the same problem. ASAP I send the project to your support (with screenshot). thanks.
  3. Dear all, I just update the PLC at version 1.22.13; also I update a project that I wrote with the version 1.19.xx; in this project I have enabled the UAC and insert some users with different levels..also I included a "service" user that has full access...when I try to upload the project I have an error "the password for UniApps Administrator could not be changed" and the download don't works. I tried to set the "service" user as "super group" but was the same. what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Dear Saragani, ok...for the moment is not a problem...the project is just at the begin...I try to start with a new one. thanks
  5. Dears All, Small introduction...just few days ago I finished one project that include MODBUS communication using RS485 CPU COM port without any problem. I started with a new project; for the moment I don't included I/O modules; I created some STRUCT...I initialized TX/RX as "Physically-Serial COM" and with surprise two RS485 CPU COM, port and port 1, were added in the I/O !? If I "select" Modbus Panel the "port 1" disapear but the "port" still be present....just to test I created a new project and as first action I initialized as TX/RX and only 1 RS485 CPU COM port appears...what c
  6. Dear All, at the moment I am working on a project that include 7" HMI + CPU and 21 IN and 15 OUT (relay); these I/O modules will be localy fixed in the rear of the OPLC (as usual); in the next future the I/O will has to increas x6 (at the end 147 (21+126) IN and 105 (15 + 90) OUT)...these next I/O modules will has to be installed in an external box 3 meters far from the OPLC location. My questions are: What I have to consider about the hardware (cable wiring and power supply)? which components I have to acquire? thanks
  7. Dear Ofir, thanks a lot...I see this option only now. I can consider this value as retained? regards
  8. Dear All, I have to let a customer modify some timers by a numeric box on HMI. I know how to do it but my question is if the customer set 2, as seconds, in the numeric box, what I have to consider to store the right value?...multiply this for 1000 (milliseconds)...then at the end 2000 or what? thanks
  9. hi, that I know you can't do this. You can't manage in this way the input...these need real signal... have you also analog output? if you have a module that manage an analog output, maybe, you can connect the output with the input; create buttons to manage the output value and with the input read the signal...
  10. Hello Salem, what you mean about "simulate" ? ...by real signal (mA,Volt etc) or by software?...in first case you need a proper module to manage the signal, maybe from a potetiometer...in second case you can insert two buttons in the HMI to increase and decrease the value of a tag... at the end, for example, you can use one or both of these two reference to manage one or more bargraph or gauges...
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  15. Dear Gugulanov, i don't know how Visiolig works, but, in Unilogic, if I well understood, after you done the "compile" action in the botom tools bar, if you select "output" you will have a count list of all used elements in the project and a count of retained and non retained Bytes... reagrds
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    Dear All, I put online the PLC with the PC to check step by step my program and I found that 3 exclusive BIT (coil) are flickering and not enable the contact; to be more clear the function part has to do 3 individual string check and this check is always enabled; I saw that the BIT status switch very fast between 0 and 1; the operands after (store, inverted contact, coil, reset) are ok. I use this BIT only in this case; they are not called in other position...when coils are active it has to load a specific screen...I have set this function by Action menu...and It doesn't work!
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