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  1. I'm trying to get UniOPC to communicate with Inductive Automation's Ignition product, but cannot get Ignition to connect to the UniOPC server. It recognizes the server (both application on same Win 10 PC), but will not connect. Has anyone else done this with good results? If so, any hints about any special configuration settings? Note that UniOPC communicates just fine with OPC Expert, which is an OPC client application used mainly for troubleshooting. Thanks in advance!
  2. Serhat, Since Siemens addressing is a bit different -- pun intended -- than VisiLogic addressing, you need to do things a bit differently to emulate the bit-level access. Here is a first-try draft that should be pretty close to a literal translation of your S7 code. This may need tweaking but should give you a start:
  3. Resetting DCOM Identity

    Let me clarify and apologize for any confusion. The UniOPC DCOM identity setting actually changes when I launch, run, or stop UniOPC, so I really question whether it can be an IT problem. So, is this not normal behavior on a typical UniOPC installation?
  4. Resetting DCOM Identity

    I am experiencing this same behavior with UniOPC 2.0.14 on Windows 10. Does anyone know of a solution? Thanks!
  5. I encountered a very similar problem where a popup window asked me to run the AutoCAD 2016 installer every time I launched VisiLogic. The software worked fine otherwise. Running the VisiLogic installation with Repair option did not fix this popup oddity. Solution: Uninstalled AutoCAD since I did not need it on this PC anyway. May not be an option for everyone, but it worked for me.
  6. Where might I find detailed descriptions of each MI in the 32-MI PID Autotune vector for the Vision series, V130 in particular? I'm sure this is documented, but I'm having a bugger of a time finding it. Thanks!
  7. Ah, I see. And even if I could have found it, I would not be able to read it since it's in Chinese, so it's just as well. Thanks!
  8. Just installed UniOPC on my Win 7 PC and got to a point in the setup instructions that did not work as described. Then I discovered that opcenum.exe is not on my Win7 PC where expected (Windows\system32\). It looks like this is an OPC Foundation redistributable file that probably should have been installed with UniOPC. Or am I wrong? Also, I cannot find this file for download, not even at the OPC Foundation website. Incidentally, I did not disable UAC when installing UniOPC, if that makes a difference. Any help is appreciated.
  9. That's great info! Thank you so much.
  10. Okay, I think I've found the problem. Opcenum.exe is installed in the "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" directory and the path is not known to Win 7 when I try to run opcenum /regserver, so I have to instead include the path in the run instruction: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\opcenum /regserver. I had also un-installed and re-installed with UAC set to minimum (turned off, basically), but nothing changed. Here is the answer to one of my questions, straight from the UniOPCHelp: UniOPCServer installationAlthough OPC servers can be installed by any user having administrator privileges, we recommend that installation be done under local administrator log-on. In compliance with the OPC DA v2.x specifications, it is recommended to use the OPCEnum application, which enables OPC clients to browse the available OPC servers. This application is installed together with UniOPC Server. So, clearly opcenum.exe is supposed to be installed by UniOPC. It looks like it was just installed in a location unknown to Win 7. Elaborating on my symptoms... From the UniOPC Help, I run into what may or may not be a problem here: "11. Click the Default Protocols tab. The default protocols should appear as shown in the figure below; if they do not, update them." Help shows two entries at this point: "Connection-oriented TCP/IP" and "Connection-oriented SPX". I have the first entry, but not the SPX protocol, so no, my default protocols do not match what the help information says they should match. Is this a concern? I also have problems at this step from Help: Register OpcEnum: "Start> Run>OPCENUM /regserver". My 64-bit Win 7 PC says "Windows cannot find 'opcenum...'. The failure in this step of the procedure caused failure in the next step, too, and OPCenum did not appear in the list of DCOM Component Services. After running opcenum /regserver with full path specified, OPCenum DOES appear in the DCOM list. Not completely up and running yet, but got past the first hurdles...
  11. I am looking for manufacturer and part number information for the pluggable, green terminal blocks on the V130 units. Any help out there? Thanks, Joel