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  1. Hi,
    I'm using UniStream with UniLogic (19.2).   I'm unsure on how to use the "SQL Query" function block.  the "SQL Query" has 3 fields:

                       Query              - Input,  SQL query to execute.
                       Parameters  - Input, query parameter
                       Outputs         - Output , query output

    When I write the next query:       

    Insert into Agua (Tiempo) Values (T_Agua)

    How does the PLC knows the  direction of the database?
    What do I  put in  the Parameters and Outputs  fields?
    Is there any file or webinar that I can check regarding this topic?

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  2. I contacted support and Guy Sela helped us, he explained this:


    The addresses should be like the first list.

    Each coil needs to have its own address and promotions.

    Adress  Nombre              Tipo                         Dirección Modbus

    0            XS-MR102           READ ONLY         1X-1

    1             XS-MR101           READ ONLY         1X-2

    2             START                   READWRITE       0X-3

    3             STOP                     READWRITE       0X-4

    4             CERO                    READWRITE       0X-5

    5             PRUEBAIN          READWRITE       0X-6

    6             PRUEBAOUT      READ                    1X-7

    We were confused with the addressing of the directions, it seems that the read only and the readwrite are stored on the same byte regardless of the type.

    I hope somebody else find this helpfull too.

  3. When I create an HMI Slave in unilogic the unistream doesn't generates a Modbus address relation for the tags we are creating, it just shows address 1 or address 2, what I want to know, is the relationship between these and the 0x from Modbus, my issue is that with my  HMI I can read registers and read 1x coils from my master HMI, but when I try to write (I programmed a button on my hmi to start a motor) the signal never arrives to the PLC. 

    List of Master HMI tags:

    • 1X 1: XS-MR102
    • 1X 2: XS-MR101
    • 1X 3:PRUEBA OUT
    • 0X 1: START BANDA
    • 0X 2: STOP BANDA
    • 0X 3: CERO
    • 0X 4: PRUEBA IN

    List of Slave Unistream tags:


  4. We have an issue regarding the Modbus TCP/IP communication with a third party HMI(Weintek), the read only bits can be read but I can't seem to write data on the PLC, how can I match the address that unilogic uses to the Modbus Standard( 0x 1, 0x 2, 1X 1 and so on) does this address matches exactly to that standard, say, If we configure a Coil to address 1 read only does this translate to 0X 1?, and if a second coil is configured as address 2 read/write does this means 1X 1? or 1x 2?. As I stated before, Our master HMI can read the coils configured as read only, we can even read and write registers, but we haven't been able to write to the PLC.

  5. No, I haven't been able to send any email, even without any attachment(only text email), it stills goes to status -4. I'm using Unilogic 1.15. I tried first using a Gmail and then using the Corporative Email, non of them worked and they had the same behaviour. If the issue was an email configuration wouldn't the status be other than attachment error? Also, is there a way in this version to visualize the data tables in the web server?

  6. Hi, I'm getting status 4 while trying to send the alarm log and the data tables via email, I think the issue might be related to the File Name, is this the name that I want to be reflected on the output file(the one to be sent via email) or is this an inside file name?, also I tried sending the Data Sampler but I didn't knew what the folder name was, the folder name for my data table and the alarm log are set automatically

  7. It is a consistency control of pulp made from recicled paper,  I have a consistency transmitter that trasmit the % of solids in the water(thats my PV, I configured it to have a range of 200 to 600 in the analog In, this is because the range of my transmitter is 2% to 6% of solids in the water) it is reading the signal from the trasmitter perfectly, I control the consistency in this stage using a control valve using an electronic positioner(thats my output, the CV), it is an reverse relationship, if I open the valve the consistency willl drop down, this is because when the valve opens it injects water into the system thus reducing the relationship between paper and water. According to the process engineer, the dead time(not sure if this is the correct translation, I know this as "tiempo muerto") is really low, he states that when you open the valve the consistency drops down really quickly. we have the SP set to 350 and the process value is usually around 320, but when I run the PID it just goes 100% open, I have the reverse action bit set to 0.

  8. I'm running the PID for an analog output (4-20mA I have them configured as 0 to 1000 in the output range, I tried manually operating the value by storing an int value from 0 to 1000 in the selected output and it works fine, 250 means 25% 500 50% and so on) , I deenergized the autotune block, because I thought it was frozen, should I just reenergize it and wait?

  9. Hi, I got the PID documentation from another post in this forum, I'm getting the STATUS value of 2 in my PID config Struct, what does it mean? also How do I know if it is performing the autotune procedure?, My coding is quite similar from the video tutorial for PID, but when I try to run the PID autotune it stays there forever (I asumme this because the Autotune done bit never turns 1), and I see no action in my control value, it simply stays in 100% of the output value. From the documentation I think the status for normal operation is 4.

  10. We solved the issue, we opened the analog I/O, it has 3 electronic boards, in the bottom one, next to the 24V in, it has a small component, it says F100, we tested continuity and as we expected from our previous conversation there was none, we blown the fuse when we made the short circuit, we tried with one first, we bypassed that fuse using a small copper wire, and when we turned the PLC on, it made the boot sequence correctly and the Status Led turned green, I checked the I/O status using Unilogic and it showed 0x00. thanks for the support it ultimately led us to figure out that it was a hardware issue(now that I think about it made this is in the wrong forum considering this is the software one haha). We are going to protect them placing fuses in the 24V in.

    I took pictures to upload them here, in case someone else has a similar fault, but I don't know how to upload these into the forum.

  11. The two power supplies are 240W DRP-240 24 V 10 A, I even tried connecting each of the I/O directly from each of the power supplies directly and I'm still getting the same behavior, I don't have the data from the current that is currently being supplied by each one, I can run that test in half an hour using an amperimeter, but It has to be less than 10A, they are only connected to 16 I/O Modules using a AUG-XKP125 and a Unistream USP-156-B10 PLC. I don't think the short circuit is still present since the rest of the system is running smoothly. It seems to me that there a low chances that the 4 of them burned out at the same time and the rest of the I/O didn't, what do you think?, although unlikely it is a possible scenario. Are the analog less protected than the digital and the High speed I/O?

  12. We have 4 analog I/O UIA0402N located on position 8,9,10 and 11, their 0-24V are all powered by the same power source, they were working fine but the electric technicians disconnected them to try and put two power sources in parallel, we have some kind of short circuit, and the power sources turned off, we reconnected everything as it was before and now the status led of all the analog I/O are fixed red and the I/O Status is 0000000010, we used an voltmeter to check and they have 24V in their power inputs. All of the other I/O modules are working fine the issue is isolated to the analog Modules.

  13. Hi, I'm having a power related issue with my analog I/O, I'm trying to read the log from the PLC but when I uploaded it using "Unistream management -> Debug -> Upload Log" I got 4 files, 3 of them are .zip a(Unilog_Backup.zip, Unilog_fail.zip and Unilog_Tmp) and they are password protected, my project doesn't have any kind of password so it can't be a protection that I set before, is there an universal password for opening this zips?

  14. Hi, is there a way that I can Force analog I/O, especifically the Analog In value?, I'm trying to simulate my process for debugging and I've already forced the digital inputs, but I can't seem to force an analog In, In my process I need to check the level of 4 tanks and a weight scale, I get this information through 4 LT and a Weight transmitter installed in the plant but in my office I only Have one process calibrator, so it would be really helpfull if there is a way that I can Force this value.

  15. Greettings, I'm a Electrical Engineer from Venezuela currently developing an application using one of your PLC, a USP-156-B Unistream device,I was testing the behavior of the data table and data trend funtionalities and when booted to implement in my project, the PLC requested an SD card, I inserted an 8Gb Sandisk micro SDHC SD card and proceeded to manually reboot (turning the power down, and then back up). Now the PLC won't get past the black screen with the UniStream logo (I believe this is the boot up function) with or without the SD card. Is there a way to upload the firmware? or how do I solve this? I can't get into Uniapps.

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