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  1. If so, then after the socket at the PLC will be closed I can just continue to use the plc that was created before with PLCFactory.GetPLC(ethernet, 0) as if there was no problem? No need to reconnect somehow actively?
  2. Hello Saragani and thank you for your detailed answer, My program is working with the PLCs listen to the PC, and as you wrote, the PLC is wrap in a class as describes. My problem is actually how to handle disconnect events, I catch them but I did not succeed to reestablish connection. Should I disconnect the Ethernet connection (Unitronics.ComDriver Ethernet : Channel)? How to reestablish the plc that was first created with plc = PLCFactory.GetPLC(ethernet, 0)? Should I use plc.Dispose(), plc.Disconnect()? I tried several strategies with no luck, I had to restart the PLC and restart the program in order to reconnect to it and this is not practical.
  3. My development environment is C# and Unitronics .Net driver. My program control several PLCs over the the local network (Ethernet), those PLCs are independent from each other and I need to handle situations of communication lost with one of the PLCs (Cable disconnected, PLC restarted etc.) without restart my program and interfering the work with the other PLCs that are still connected. What would be the best practice for that?
  4. Yes, Sorry for the long delay, I tested it and it worked, thanks!
  5. I did not compile the DLL, you mean if my application is compiled as release? Then not, it is Debug
  6. I'm using .Net DLL 2015 Q4 and I get a lot of debug outputs on my VS console like: Entering Read Write. Count: 1 Exiting Read Write. Count: 0 I can see that those messages arrive from Unitronics DLL, is there a way to control it? To Stop it? I prefer not to change the DLL source code and rebuilt it.
  7. I'm trying to read a timer value from a V350 device and fail. When I run this code I have no problem to read the MI101 value: rw[0] = new ReadOperands() { OperandType = OperandTypes.MI, NumberOfOperands = 1, StartAddress = 101 }; but if I try to read the TD1 value with this code I get an InvalidCastException: rw[0] = new ReadOperands() { OperandType = OperandTypes.TimerCurrent, NumberOfOperands = 1, StartAddress = 1 }; How can I do it without getting the exception, if at all? Thanks
  8. Hello, I want to write a #C program that communicate with several VisiLogic Unitronix controllers, the program need to read and write some operational parameters to and from the controller program as well as read data files from the controller SD. I downloaded the .NET driver, installed it and run the sample program and test it with my V350. I found the "Using the Unitronics Communication Driver for .Net" pdf in the installation directory but this is an old (2008) document and as far as I can see it is not have detailed information on the driver capabilities and data structures. Also, I saw in this forum that there are some dll in the SD Card Suite that I can use for the above mention tasks, is there a documentation for how to use it? Thanks, Eyal
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