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  1. Hello, I think what I am going to use for this will be the V570 with the snap in V200-18-E62B and an EXF-RC15. It seems this combination gives me 6 PTO's, all the local I/O I require, and spare I/O via the EXF-RC15 high speed remote I/O module. I am not sure exactly which stepper motors I need yet but I do know I want the control to be accomplished using the V570 and the remote I/O module.
  2. Hello all, I have an application in which I need to control six different stepper motors. I also need about 16 each DI and DO. Can anyone suggest a hardware combination that will work well and be the most economical? I would like to use the Vision series controller, preferably the 570, but I am open for other suggestions. Many Thanks!!
  3. I had the identical application a few years back... I used the photoeye to see the beginning of the carton, and an encoder to count pulses generated by the conveyor movement. I had to use the encoder because the carton size differences were very slight. This worked great even if the conveyor speed changed.
  4. Just an FYI...... I had to upgrade the OS for the controller and that was the correct fix.
  5. Hi All, I am using a V430-J-TA24, Hardware rev B, OS 4.0 (19) with Visilogic VER 9.9.2 build 0. My issue for today is that the ascii key pad entry screen appears, but it is not centered in the screen. It is centered too far to the right and as a result, the screen wraps around and continues on the left hand side of the display. If I could shift the whole screen to the left, it would fix the issue. I know there is an x and y setting SI 245 and 246, but it says this is for the 1020 model.... Any suggestions on how to correct this? Thanks once again
  6. Hi All I just got the alarms programmed in and it works fine except for one thing... the trigger MB is set for "on" . The only way the alarm details screen pops up is when the trigger goes high, then low, then high. Basically, the trigger has to go high twice to activate the pop up screen. After acknowledge, the alarm works properly. Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. Once again, I thank you for your help. My application is up and running!
  8. Thank you Alex. I did locate the example. Can you tell me how to convert the example to a V430?
  9. Can someone post the load cell example for me? My visilogics software does not have the file. Thanks.
  10. Hello all, Does anyone have the example load cell example application that comes with the visilogic software? I do not have the install disc as I downloaded it from the Unitronics site. Thanks!
  11. I have done this before and it worked out great for the process I was programming. I call it the "Poor Mans PID"
  12. Experienced PLC / HMI programmer based in Buffalo, NY looking for small to medium contract programming applications. 30 + years experience with liquid process design and packaging machinery of all types.
  13. Thank you for the advice, Alexander. I will let you know how the project turned out.
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