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  1. I have a V1040 with a cracked touch screen. Can anyone tell me where i can get a new touch screen
  2. I've been working on a PLC program for a while with no problem saving and now I'm getting a FIO-0 error when saving can anyone tell me what this means?
  3. Joe I'm not sure if I'm going about this the right way but what i would like to do is have both V570 able to make changes to the data from the PC. the idea is to have one V570 on each end of the room and if i make a change on one V570 the change will go to the other V570 and the PC. i have the first V570 reading data from the PC and also sending the same data to the second V570 the second V570 is sending the same data back to the first V570 both V570's have the same program in them other then the modbus setting the data flow is MI 100-MI 132 data going to the PC (PC Inputs) MI 200-MI 232 data coming from the PC (PC output) MI 1000-MI 1045 string data coming from the PC (PC Output - Read only) thanks for your time,
  4. I have 2 V570's that i would like to setup to mirror each other. i have 1 setup with 2 modbus ports (1 & 2) port 1 is connected to a PC via modbus as slave port 2 is connected to another V570 Via modbus as master the second PLC is setup with port 2 as slave I'm to receive data from the pc and have both PLC's make changes to the data and send it back to the pc the first PLC is getting MI 100 - MI 132 and MI 200 - MI 232 and MI 1000 - MI 1045 from the PC and sending the data to the second PLC at the same MI addresses the second PLC is receiving the same MI's from the first PLC and sending the same MI's back the problem I'm having is the PLC'S are sending the same data back and forth before i can make my changes to the data. is there another way of mirroring the two PLC'S together? test slave.vlptest master.vlp
  5. Sorry I'm new to the forum and I'm not sure how to add pictures? the plc reads. V290/V570 (T40B) O.S. (Stop Mode) 003.004.16 Aug 24 2011 Com1 Settings: 11520,8,NP,1,Nn Com2 Settings: 11520,8,Np,1,Nn Status : Idle the computer errors are. Communication 1/2/2016 2:40:24 PM Close port Communication 1/2/2016 2:25:21 PM "Open port 12 115200,N,8,1" Communication 1/2/2016 2:25:21 PM Unable to Synchronize - PLC Communication Parameters cannot be set Communication 1/2/2016 2:25:19 PM "Open port 12 9600,N,8,1" Communication 1/2/2016 2:25:17 PM Send break signal Communication 1/2/2016 2:25:16 PM "Open port 12 115200,N,8,1" Communication 1/2/2016 2:25:15 PM Close port Communication 1/2/2016 2:25:15 PM "Open port 12 115200,N,8,1" again was able to connect to the plc before this happened.
  6. when i first downloaded the program i downloaded all and burn to flash then i made some changes to the program and just downloaded it to the plc. Im trying to connect to the plc using serial cable that i had no problem with before this happend.
  7. Hi, i have a V570 that i put a program on and it was working good until i recycled power to it and now the PLC is in stop mode with no application. i cant connect to it anymore. is there anyway to reconnect to the PLC?? Thanks.