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  1. Hello, I have a Jazz JZ20-T40 controller and i accidentally reversed polarity on transistor output power supply. Now that set of outputs doesn't seem to work (O0 - O11). Is there any fuse or something that i can change or is it necessary to take it to service to fix this? Thank you and best regards, Pawks
  2. Hello, I have JAZZ JZ20-T40 controller with two groups of transistor outputs, each with its own power supply (o0-o11 and o12-o19). Now my question is, can i power one group of outputs with 24VDC and the other with 12VDC? Or is 12VDC not an option for output power supply with this JAZZ at all? Thank you, Best regards, Pawks
  3. Hi, Complete code in attached file, ignore irrelevant stuff. Regards, Pawks proper_1linak_amibit_v5_1.U90
  4. Hello, I have a problem using MODBUS communication with JAZZ JZ20-R31. I have two slave devices connected. I just read from the first one, and i just write to the second one. I had the first one alone before i added the second one and communication worked just fine. Problems came when i added the second device (the second one is a PLC from another company and it's used to send written data to the web). Yesterday communication worked for a few cycles, but after that it completely stopped, even with first device - there were no LED lights blinking like it should. Today i restarted my main JAZZ and talked to the guy behind the second device. He says that he sees the RS485 communication and that i am writing data to his device three times in one second. My MODBUS is setup with timeout set to 3000msec and 1 retry. I checked my write function, but it is only called once a minute (roughly) as i intended at the beginning. otherwise i have MODBUS commands separated by steps of 4 seconds each, so one command can't interfere with another. I tried to increase step times, changing timeout and retry on MODBUS setup, sending data in multiple steps, but nothing seems to help. What could be the problem here, i ran out of ideas...? Thank you, Best regards, Pawks
  5. Hi, Thank you for quick and clear response. Regards, Pawks
  6. Hello, Is there a possibility to update jazz firmware via modbus? By that i mean to read data via modbus and then execute the update. Or is the only possibility to manualy update with u90ladder? Thanks, Pawks
  7. Hello, I'm using JAZZ JZ20-R31 as a master to comunicate via modbus. Is there possibility to use another master device on the same line which would read data from JAZZ? Requests from one master would be about a minute interval and around 15minutes from the other, so there would be little chance for interference. I know this isn't the right way to do this, but just curious... Is it possible to do this or is JAZZ somehow "locked" and unable to be read by someone while JAZZ itself is operating as a master? Thank you, Regards, Pawks
  8. Hi again, Well apparently this won't be possible to do with Jazz PLC i currently am using. So my question now is: which is the cheapest upgrade option (PLC) that will make this possible? So needs are: communication with power/energy meter via RS485, and an avaliable RS232 port for modem communication simultaneously. Also there is a need for at least 10 digital inputs, 2 x 0-10V analog inputs, 1 x 4-20mA analog input and at least 10 digital outputs. A great plus would be compatibility with my current U90 ladder program. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you, Best regards, Pawks
  9. Hi Alex, So if i understand correctly, there is also no other way to get data from jazz while communicating via RS485 port? Thanks, Pawks
  10. Hello, I'm using Jazz JZ20-R31 controller together with MJ20-RS add-on module for RS485 communication. Is there a way to use RS485 communication and simultaneously use a modem on RS232? To rephrase the question: I would like to achieve some sort of remote access to data while still communicating via RS485, are there any suitable options (modem, wifi...) ? Thank you, Best regards, Pawks
  11. Hello, I have a ladder program where i need to convert a MI to MB and after that convert part of that MB back to another MI. I attached a picture of my ladder net, but it does not work. I also tried to put MI to MB in one net and MB to MI in next net, but that also doesn't work. Any ideas what could be a problem here? Thank you, Regards, Pawks
  12. Hello, I have a problem using analog voltage inputs (0 - 10V) with jazz. When i connect one input (AN2 for example), the other input (AN3) also reads voltage which depends on AN2 input. It's not the same value, but if AN3 is not connected, voltage read is about 80% of what AN2 reads. When both inputs are connected, one affects the other and vice versa... It's really significant effect, so i don't think it could be interference related. Both inputs are also from the same power source and grounded. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thank you for help Best regards, Pawks EDIT: I forgot to ground pin "n/p I16-I17", now it works fine. Sorry for that.
  13. Hi, well, i was thinking about that function, but something in my head said to me that it wouldn't work...i guess my head at that point was too tired to think properly... Anyway, you're right, shift is exactly what i need, thank you... Regards, Pawks
  14. Hi, Thank you for answer. I only needed 2^x, where x is an integer up to around 10 max, so the results are 2,4,8,....,1024. If anyone else would like to know i used loop function. every loop i multiply number by 2 and decrease x by 1 until x equals zero. Not a big problem, i just thought that such function already existed. Thanks again, Regards, Pawks
  15. Hi, U90Ladder version: 6.4.9 (DB109) PLC: Jazz JZ20-R31
  16. Hello, Is there an option to use exponentiation function in u90ladder? I see that there is a function of square root, but no exponentiation. Thank you, Best regards, Pawks
  17. Hi, Thank you for reply. I was afraid of that. There is no way of splitting floats on Sentron. I'm thinking now that the easiest way will probably be to get a different PLC. Thanks again, Best regards, Pawks
  18. Hi, I see that i posted a question with too little information, sorry for that. My plan is to connect jazz to a power monitoring device via modbus. The problem is, that jazz only "understands" integers and my existing power monitoring device (sentron pac3100) has only float type data avaliable. Another possible device (elnet) that has integer type data avaliable only has the whole part avaliable (0 for 0.95) which isn't really usable. So my question: is there any avaliable power monitoring devices that are compatible with jazz controller? Thank you Best regards, Pawks
  19. Hi all, Is there a way to measure power factor of a three-phase generator with jazz plc (JZ20-R31). I have an option to use an existing device(Sentron pac3100), but only float data type avaliable. Another option is Elnet which has integer data avaliable, but integer 0 when PF is 0,85 doesnt really help... I probably could get it with some math functions between real and apparent power, but that isn't the most elegant way to do it and is also error prone. Is there another way with JAZZ or do i have to use a different controller? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Pawks
  20. Hi, I'm using U90Ladder and jazz JZ20-R31. Everything was fine for a while - i was uploading and downloading projects with no problem and everything worked fine. Until suddenly when i tried to download a project i was asked for a password. (PLC is locked! Please enter password..) I never enabled any password protection, and never before was asked to enter it...where did this come from? I have no idea what is the password or how to unlock it now? What to do? Thank you, regards, Pawks
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