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  1. I create a project for V530 in VisiLogic and see that there is no "Burn upload project" option! So I don't have a chance to upload the project, do I? Because the project couldn't be downloaded using that option.
  2. Good day! We have a Vision-530 PLC with a working program inside. We want to change V530 for V570 but don't have the source project - *.vlp. When we try to upload the project, the message issues: "This project cannot be uploaded because: - the option Burn Upload Project was not selected when the project was downloaded, or - due to incomplete data in the PLC" Is there any ways to resolve our task? Thanks in advance! Maxim
  3. Hello! Project for Vision-570 VisiLogic 9.3.0 When I copy any element of HMI and try to paste it, a run-time error occurs and Visilogic aborts. After Visilogic's restart, the element, that I tryed to paste, finds itself on new place. It happens in one of my projects only. It doesn't happen in a new empty project. I have many identical elements in my project, so the "copy-paste" operation helps me very much. Error message - Run-time error'-2147217900(80040e14)': 'ElementsAndImagesEXT' table already exists. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! I have 2 V570 PLCs and 3 Ex-RC1 modules, which I am going to connect by UniCAN. May I use the same power supply unit for PLCs, Ex-RC1s and for CAN network? Is it obligatory using a separate power unit for CAN network? Thanx!
  5. Thanks! I download and run your sample client. It connects to UniOPC, but unfortunatly there are no available items in "Add Items" window. When I try to connect to another OPCserver, that I have on my PC, everything's OK - there are items, values etc. I would be very much obliged to you if you look at my project. TIA Config.zip Simple Ethernet.zip
  6. Good day! I use Vision-V350-35-RA22. Need to get data from PLC by UniOPC via Ethernet. 1. I made the ladder diagram including «Set PLC Name», «TCP/IP card init», «TCP/IP sock init — Socket 1, TCP, Port 20256, Slave». 2. I added channel in UniOPC — TCP/IP Call, correct ip address, Remote port 20256. 3. I added PLC with parameters: - Name - is the same as I used in PLC ladder diagram «Set PLC Name» block; - Type — Vision; - Unit ID — Direct connection; - Channel — look at item 2. PLC's SB148 indicates that UniOPC is connected and disconnected to PLC. An OPC client sees the UniOPC server, but doesn't see its variables. Whatever I do, no changes. Where is the problem? TIA
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