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  1. hi is it possible to convert program from u90 to visilogic?
  2. thank you so i can save the trend data in csv directly to the sd card and open it with excell and creat a graph.. is their a software that can make a graph automaticly from the file in the sd card? in unitronics format or in csv forma?
  3. Hi I have a project with USP-104-B10 (UniStream 10 inch) ַַ& Unilogic 1.15.70 and in the project I build a trend screen. Now I have to save the data into the SD card ,transfer the data to my computer and convert the data to csv and generate a graph. It's a very long process. how can I shorten it? can I save the data straight to csv? is there a software that can take the data format of the trend file and make a graph?
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