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  1. Hello, I am interested in finding a way to put indirect values/operands on a Dial Graph's ranges. By doing so i can modify the redzone of an odometer. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Can you help me with the autoscaling trends/graphs. Does v1040 have this implemented by default. I am runing on: Visilogic 9.8.9 Build 0 V1040 Hardware Version A, OS: 3.9(48) Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a project involving a drum with wire spooled on it. The encoder is mounted on a measurement wheel for the wire from drum. The encoder has A,B as outputs and 100 points per rev. I put the A,B outputs of the encoder to I 0,1 on the snap in expansion. I linked the I 0,1 inputs with ML 0 as (A, shaft encoder X2. I use liniarization for the encoder to know the lenght of the wire that exited the drum through the measurement system. 1. Now i need to know how to measure the rotational speed of the encoder to convert it to meters per minute. I tried making a function for this but i couldnt figured it out. The function was like this : ML1 was liniarization value of ML0 ML2 is the value of ML1 at the time=T After t=0.5 sec i substract ML2 from ML1 and the result will be multiplied by 120. This didnt work because of timer issues. Didn't find the way to make it hapen. 2. The connection of the PLC with a PC(laptop) couldn't be done on another IP/class than on PLC and for the PC (through a hub/switch). 3. There is a way/function to activate a single pulse bit after a timer of t and not to keep it rised. And then to recycle the timer. Thanks
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