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  1. Hi Forumites, I am encountering communication error while using the Dataxport utility software. I have been using this for a while but for the past 3 days I am not able to create a table on the same. Please find the below communication error. I am able to read the values from the PLC to the data tables (see the attached). Has some one faced similar issues on the utility software. I have checked the settings one to one. Thanks Cheers Vj
  2. Thank you for contacting Unitronics Tech Support. What do you need for security? Are you filtering out who can connect to your web server? Usually the security for who can connect in to the PLC is dealt with on the modem side when you set up the port forwarding. When connecting to the PLC’s web server outside the network, they first have to connect to the modem on the PLC’s network. You may also set up similar security by keeping a list of “secure” IP addresses in a data table, then matching the IP that connects to see if it is in the data table list. If it is not, disconnect
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  5. Thanks Flex. I have already mailed and awaiting a response from their tech support team.
  6. Thanks a lot Flex. I have one more quick question to you I have enabled the web service utility of V-570 PLC. I am able to view the data's on the web browser, now I need to connect the same to the Plant network which has internet connectivity. So in that case what security measures do I need to take care of the PLC.
  7. Hi Flex727, Can I recommend my customers to use SANDISK make SD Cards only? In that case I am promoting a particular brand to my end users Vijay
  8. Hi Flex727, Thank you for your reply. Yes I am giving more than a minute for detection. Today morning to a surprise I bought a brand(SAN DISK MAKE-8 GB) new SD card and plugged it into my PLC, now the same is working.
  9. Dear Forumites, I have an issue with SD Card. For the first time SD card plugged into PLC, the PLC detects the SD Card and the System Bit (SB217, SB218 shows "1" ). Once the data is written to SD Card and if the card was removed from PLC, after copying all the data's and when SD card is inserted back into PLC it doesn't detects the card. I need to do lot of trial and errors to make the card detectable. I even tried with different make of SD cards such as Allen Bradley, Transcend, SanDisk etc still the problem persists. I followed the safe removal process and every time when
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