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  1. OK, I found it. The starting address for MFs is 8000h. Everything works normally now.
  2. Hello, Mr. Tauser, At first Happy and Prosperous New 2020! Thank you for your advises, most of the issues solved now. Attached you can find ML tags that I can read now (L1...L6), plus Ignition Modbus Address Map, as requested by you. To get the right readings, I had to reverse the word byte order, as you supposed. Reading MI was piece of cake, so I did not attached anything, except Double-Single Tag, which is visible on the Tag Browser (file Tags). What still does not work, is MF tags reading - can you please double check the starting address, since I could not find the proper help file?
  3. Hi, AlexUT, thank you, that fixed the problem. Prosperous and Happy New 2020!
  4. Hi, I want to read ML and MF from SM35 J R20 using Ignition SCADA. I get readings, but not the proper values. To make sure, 2 quick questions: 1. In PLC ladder, do I need HR reading FB, or Modbus SCAN EX is enough? 2. Start address for ML is 5100 and for MF is 7700?
  5. Hello, Visilogic 9.8.80 installed normally without issue with admin rights and registered; however at next start up I got the icon on the image attached, and it freezes. Windows 10 64 bits. Never had such an issue before on W7 or even or W10 on different PC. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your prompt replies, guys! I will try what Joe Tauser advises. D.Vasilev
  7. Hi, guys, Can you please advise wiring diagram for PT100 3 wires sensor to SM35 J R20? Thank you! D.Vasilev
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