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  1. I don't know why you use Drums, maybe just try rapid fire like in the picture, it could go faster. It works for me, but I always use 9600 though. Good luck.
  2. VisiLogic lets you put coils in series and get the same result as putting them one atop of another, like your step 20. Code gets more compact when you have a lot of coils. Thanks for the feedback, it's good to see results.
  3. Maybe you mean input impedance for 4-20 mA? You see how many ohms your transmitter can supply, and this should be less or equal to sum of all analog inputs impedances through which current signal is running. You should worry about this only if you have more than one analog input on a single 4-20 transmitter.
  4. For Unitronics side you need Modbus config block and scan block in your ladder. And also Modbus address space to find what you want to read, you can find all of this in help files and examples. You can also use system operands for Ethernet (SB, SI and SDW) for troubleshoting, To see if Fatek's messages are getting through.
  5. Laptop I use has strange behaving com ports depending on whether the charger is plugged or not. Grounding issues I guess. Sometimes it takes several tries to get it communicating with the PLC.
  6. I used one V350 that logs CSV file on SD cards and then sends it by email on local network. Maybe this can be one option.
  7. Isakovic

    Upload Download the Unitronics way.

    I remember being confused with these terms at the beginning, also with different types of download.
  8. Isakovic


    Also, you don't need linearization. RTD inputs measure temperature directly, register will have a value of temperature x10 (102 C is 10.2 C).
  9. You set up encoder in "Hardware configuration". There you select for high speed inputs "shaft encoder" x2 or x4 and assign memory location to it (use ML or DW instead of MI because it has bigger range). Note that if you select x2 you will have a value of 200 for full turn, and if you select x4 you will have a value of 400 per turn. It will also increment in one and decrement in other direction. All other logic you will have to work out in ladder. How many impulses per mm, presets... All the best,
  10. I can't think of a way of making a dynamic piechart. Maybe you could make 8 bargraphs for the same result of visually comparing relative values because they allow dynamic min/max (0 - minimim, sum of all variables - maximum).
  11. Isakovic

    That Awkward Moment...

    I almost had a chat with a guest while chat room was still available.
  12. It looks correct (you even have a response for every command you sent to slave), but value to force is 0. Force coil command is reading status of MB6 (0 or 1) and writing it to slave when command is called. If this command is always writing 1 use SB1 (always on) for "Value to Force". You can write just 6 in destination address.
  13. You should definitely try breaking it into several nets, it looks like it should work from STL though. I wish you could set parameters for serial communication on Vision in MIs. I think you need RS485 card for Sambas, it's standard for Visions.
  14. They look like circuit boards from inside old consoles cartridges.
  15. What's the scan time on that one?