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  1. Thanks for your help, I am usin the V1.16 rev44, i will look for any update. Before posting I encoded this function two times from zero, to be sure to don't make a mistake, but i probably missed something. For the current application i gone over by reading line by line, but i will need of these function in future applications (i will try anothertime) (more and more customers wants to log production and an intergration in the factory level of data exchange) Sorry for the confusion, This screen was for a representation wihtout showing to many lines. I am effectively waiting status changes to 1 or 2, and then come back to 0 before loading the UDTF to DTI function If the status is negative the function is pending, I encoded a sequencial chart (grafcet). Whatever thanks for your support who never disappointed me and sorry for my english. :-)
  2. This is always 127 lines independant of data read (only 1column byte, or 10 clumns of strings) There is a way to go over: I convert and import one line at time by cycling on the FB and inc an line number (see attached file) Thanks
  3. I have to retrieve and import a CSV file to a DTI. There is no problem about the FTP section, but when I try to convert a CSV file to an UDTF file I have got an error if the CSV file has more than 127 lines. Is there a way to resolve this issue ? My final CSV file to import will maybe have near of 500 lines. Thanks for reading
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