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  1. I downloaded the latest assembly from the link, The problem resolved Thanks a lot!
  2. I'm using the full project Unitronics.ComDriver I don't know which version I using, I can tell you that in the project properties = >assembly Information displayed "" in the Assembly Version field. I tried to download the .net assembly from your forum, and the only link I found that work was the full project. Most of the link from "http://ftp.unitronics.com/Downloads"are broken. Can you tell me from where I need to download the latest version of the .net driver assembly?
  3. Hi, I trying to connect to V700-T20BJ via .net c sharp code, and the "GetPLC" function return "Unknown PLC Model" exception, I tried to debug and step into the function "GetPLC" and I saw that the code parsing the "PLCModels.xml" file, and I think that the code didn't find xml element that match the V700-T20BJ model. I attached the code here and the "Get OPLC information" from Vsio. Thanks ! Ethernet eth = new Ethernet("", 20256, EthProtocol.TCP, 3, 3000); var plc = PLCFactory.GetPLC(eth, 0, "pita");//(eth, 0); Console.WriteLine(plc.Version.OPLCModel); Console.WriteLine(plc.PlcName); Console.WriteLine(eth.Connected); Console.WriteLine(plc.UnitId); Console.ReadLine();
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