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  1. Thanks @Cara Bereck Levy, but all I get are ????? when I paste my Japanese text into the Text Image. Pasting from an Excel file. I can past non double byte characters fine. Even if I install a Japanese font and select it as my font in the Text Image, it just repeats a single character as many times as there are characters in the original translation that I'm copying from my Excel spreadsheet. I suspect the character that is repeating is the equivalent of the English '?' in Japanese but I'm not sure. If I type in the Text Image with the Japanese font selected, it does translatet to Japan, but that's no good. I already have Japanese translations for 204 different English messages and simply want to copy/paste them into a Text Image. Not your fault, but very frustrating.
  2. Cara, Perhaps it's because this thread is 6 years old, but your link doesn't provide any useful info on implementing Asian languages. Could you elaborate or provide a link to the current documentation? I need to implement 3 asian languages in one software version and I don't relish the idea of creating 3x150 bitmaps. Thanks.
  3. Does this run on a V130-T38? I modified the hardware (to be a T38) to run that example program, and it does not appear to work. I can use the Unitronics programming cable as my comm cable, correct?
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