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  1. I have never used Unitronics before. I am working on a project for a friend on his ancient commercial smokehouse (Eagle spring driven timers is what is used now. Ancient history!). Simple. All it is is controlling 1) an exhaust airflow damper infinitely variable from open/closed and 2) smoke flow damper infinitely variable from open/closed 3) temperature sensing and control 4) humidity sensing and control 4) a circulator fan motor 5) a time of day to start operation clock 6) start the smoke generator. There are 4 water valves that need to turn off/on during the process and for cleanup. I am envisioning the HMI to be through the wall and 20 feet away from the smoke chamber itself with a remote I/O brick at the smoke chamber. All the PLC needs to do is be able to select a recipe and display the 8 parameters of the smoking operation and allow the recipe to be tweeked up or down in value from the saved recipe (Obviously it does need the ability to create new recipes and save them also). So after all this typing I would like to know what series HMI/PLC/touchscreen/remote I/O block would be recommended by people that have used Unitronics. Thank you!
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