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  1. Working on a project with several UIA-0800A analog input modules. We are using all 4-20 ma transducer input. Pressure, Flow, Weight(load cell), pH. the only difference is for some of the transducers we power the loop thru and external power supply (24VDC) for the pressure transducers. results are solid. Others the loop power is provided by the transducer. For example for the Load cells the scale provides an 4-20 ma output signal with loop power to the UIA-0800A. What is very strange is the input signal floats around at a slow steady pace. including going below 4 ma. at first the number will appear solid then it will slowly drift down below 4ma down to zero and then will slowly climb back to a fairly accurate reading. It continually oscillates over a 1-3 min cycle. Very strange . My question is has anyone experienced this problem, and is there a minimum voltage required into the card. some of the loop power from the sensors are less than 24VDC more like 15 Any input is greatly appreciated FPM
  2. Working on a project where I need to email a zipped CSV file created from Data Sampling. I can structure and send emails with no problem. I can see the CSV file via file browser, but having difficulty sending the attachment. My goal would be to allow the operator to choose from a list of csv files that updates as the files are generated from Data Sampler tests. I have tried to link a tag where you configure the email so you can type in the file name on a key pad text box. the keypad entry does not have some of the characters needed to match the file name (ie. -_ etc.). Has anyone sent CSV email attachments and could point me in the right direction? Thank you for your input
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