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  1. I find from where comes the problem... My colleague have given me a suitcase with "all I need" but in the suitcase, the serial cable was a RJ11 and for the V430 we need a RJ12 ... So my program is good and works :-) I juste have a problem when I take the machine's original location because I need to block my motor and it reset my V430 :-/ I will see that. thanks again for your help and good continuation at you :-)
  2. Thanks to have teach me how accessed to the info mode Ofir :-) I've try and find TX RX infos, the TX change but the RX keep to 0, so no answer of the motor. However, the communication between my PC and the motor works perfectly. I don't see from where can the problem come :-/
  3. I don't know if it's a sending or a receiving problem, the V430 just say me that the communication fail and my motor doesn't move. So I think that it's more the sending. The V430 is just connected to the motor, to nothing else. I don't know the serial buffer monitor in the Info Mode, I use VisiLogic since a few time. But i use the USB port to progam the V430 and the Port 1 in RS232 to talk with the motor and i know that the Port 1 doesn't work if the USB port is connected. Can I still see the serial buffer monitor in this case ? Thanks again Joe, hope we'll find the problem.
  4. Hi Joe, I've read all I have find on the Protocol block and I think that i'm ok whit it. If by protocol guide you talk about the commands list, yes i have it but it does'nt help me :-/ I send you my VisiLogic progam, you have more experience than me, you will probably find my errors :-) Thanks again. TEST_Motor.vlp
  5. Hello everybody I'm currently training and my boss ask to familiarize myself with VisiLogic, it took some time but I'm coming. But here big problem, now my boss ask me to program a V430-J-T2-N for controlling SmartMotor home Animatics (a SV23165DT to be precise) it based on the program it already uses, but impossible to establish communication between the V430 and the motor via the COM1 in RS232 ... Someone should he ever had this problem or have an idea of where it can come ? Thanks (Sorry, my English is very approximate).
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