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  1. One thing that bothers me with multiple linearization inputs is that when going online the y1,y2 parameters get the readings from the second AI, no matter what their store blocks command them. Is that because of the scan time of the program and it doesn't have the time to "update" the stored values, so it "shows" the last stored values in them?
  2. Any remedies for this condition?
  3. Thanks Joe. I ll drop them an email. If you also know of a Europe based supplier please let us know.
  4. Does Unitronics offer gearbox with its servo motors for output torque multiplication?
  5. Hi Joe, I dropped the PID in favor to on/off control. Turned out to be much simpler in my application. Also I figured out how to trigger the PWM output with 100% of the cycle time. Thanks for the help
  6. Thanks Joe for the input. So I set up the PWM Output as follows and set my numbers to the SI for the PID. As it is set up now once it reads a pressure drop of less than 30 it uses that number as a setpoint. Something does not trigger the PWM output
  7. Hi, First time I am using PID on a Jazz. I want to keep the pressure within a system steady, regulated by a solenoid valve that has a constant pressure supply on it; and in turn feeds the closed system. Attached are my setup and I have a few questions: 1. My CV is the controlled digital output on the solenoid valve that opens when the pressure drops; reads of a 0-10V pressure sensor; and closes when that pressure reaches my setpoint. How can I setup the CV to a digital output? 2. My Process Value and Setpoint I have them linked to the same MI because I want to keep the pressure at whatever pressure the pressure sensor reads from the beginning. Is that correct to do? 3. I cant seem to make it to operate the solenoid valve because I don't understand what the Control Value MI should be in order to simulate a digital output. I also set its range 0 and 1 but it needs further processing Thanks
  8. So, I have a 4-20 mA analog input and I want to add up the result every (unknown - have to be determined I think) time so that I get the total value. The 4-20 mA signal comes from a weight scale flow controller that reads in T/hr (Tons per hour). By adding that value up I want to obtain the total number of tons that passed so far through the scale. I am using a Unistream 7'' and this is what I came up with so far - which is wrong. What the following does is: it linearizes every second the incoming analog value. A is the analog input. B is X1 = 0 and C is Y1 = 0. D is X2 = 8191 which is the 13-bit resolution of the 0402N module. Then I am adding the result to a memory integer which updates itself. For E, I have Y2 = 60, which comes from linearizing the analog input to Tons/sec. So, how can I implement what I am trying to achieve?
  9. V120 sounds a nice option, with configurable ports for either RS232 or RS485
  10. Thanks for your replies. Also samba has an integrated RS232 and I can expand it with V100-17-RS4. Can I order the PLC to come with the integrated port as an RS485 instead of RS232?
  11. Hi, How many serial connections can I have on a vision series PLC? For example I want to attach a modem on a V130 in order to remotely send commands and at the same time I want to connect an LED screen with an RS232 connection in order for the PLC to send commands and write on the screen.
  12. Thanks everyone, problem solved and I am now reading very good values. The problem turned out to be in the linearization, I set my Y limits to Y1 = 0 and Y2 = 18000, because I read in the manual that at 1'' the Flow Meter could read up to 18000 kg/h. Eventually I scrolled the screen inside the Meter and found out that at 20 mA it gives maximum 6000 kg/h. So setting the linearization to Y1 = 1 and Y2 = 6000 solved the problem. Thanks again
  13. Here are some more shots from the manual: The model I have is designated as: 80***-***********A
  14. The transmitter is a Promass F80 Flow Meter. I also have the manual for it. Attached is a picture showing its output signals. My model is the one designated as HART
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