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  1. RS232 data read

    If you have specific questions (or unexpected results) please post. My strong suit is with modbus. If you are developing a custom communications model then serial PROTOCOL method is probably the correct approach.
  2. RS232 data read

    Files to big to attach here.
  3. RS232 data read

    Serial Protocol function block. Unless computer is running SCADA software that is already MODBUS oriented. What model of Vision are you using? There is an example program for hyperterminal to PLC communication. I have a modified example for V430 that is bidirectional (scan and send FB's) serial comms PC runs realterm (or hyperterminal if your OS is old enough).

    I've never lost a program during an OS update. If everything goes by the book, no worries. Anything can happen. Always have 3 backups of complex PLC program that took anything over a day to develop. Preferably on three different media types and in three unique physical locations not under the same roof.
  5. Mark S. Thanks you, the screen shot you provided helps bring the picture of the third party hardware into focus. Still intrigued by the 300,001 and 400,001 decimal MODBUS address. I'll have to process this for a while. I'm sure the addition info you posted will accelerate an answer to your troubles. Please clarify: "When I read the analog Inputs I use the read input registers (4) and use a value of 0 and I get back the value that is in register 300001. The offset because the module uses one as the first register." where you say "value of 0" do you mean address of 0? have you tried registers periodic, write, (16), address 40001? Or 40000 accounting for offset. Unilogic's valid MODBUS address range is 0 to 65535, so the 400001 is out of the question. Modscan is great idea. It's referenced in the automation direct manual (see photo). This is an @Joe Tauser question. My best battles are fought and won with gear that is at my fingertips. Or someone lifetime of real world experience.... which I'm still working on.
  6. serial or TCP/IP MODBUS? I was reading this document. So you can read but not write? The Unilogic MODBUS setup is fairly straightforward, most likely an addressing issue. Third party PLC is probably getting the write request packet(s) and just doesn't know what to do with it, or writing to the wrong place?? http://www.simplymodbus.ca/faq.htm 300001 and 400001 (decimal) are a typo? An extra zero? Max analog write address appears to be 49,999
  7. SMB 3.0 may have something to do with it. It prevents Win7 PC's and printer/scanners from seeing Win10 PC's shared network folders. Spent hours fighting an issue with that recently. Win10 has a setting in windows features (checkbox) to force support of "SMB 1.0" Disclaimer: less secure, however if it makes things work in a LAN that is relatively well isolated from WAN then why worry to much. My experience with Win10 shared folders being invisible to NOTwin10 machines was not Visilogic related, so it's worth what you paid for it. This is Microsoft We are dealing with, headaches come at no extra charge!
  8. Where to find unitronics PLC

    @Cara Bereck Levy may be able to help you. Sales is not Her specific department, however history has shown that She is very quick to respond and assist in any way She can. @Joe Tauser is an authorized distributor and PLC expert in my Land. UPS ships worldwide. Unitronics is an excellent choice.
  9. Not connection between SM43 PLC and APP

    I disregarded IP address range because of quote above. I guess that's a statement, although it does end with a question mark. I thought that address looked like Microsoft's "dummy" address. Any two devices on the same physical LAN and common subnet should be able to communicate. I didn't see or confirm the IP address the phone had obtained. 169.254.x.x is not an address pool I would expect to see in a DCHP router. It would be a good measure to put router, plc, and phone in a more traditional address pool like: 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x I have an app on my iphone called "ping lite" that runs IMCP ping command. Very helpful in determining if basic network communication is working between phone and other device (PLC in this case).
  10. Have you checked the internal battery? Never used Jazz series, I know Vision has a system bit that shows 1 if battery is low (SB8). SB300 resets PLC in VisiLogic. I had a V430 lose display for a while. Finally got it back after O/S upgrade, download and burn of ladder, and initialize PLC from info mode. The boot screen would always show up, just not the HMI home screen of program. Display black with no back lighting. Never figured out the exact cause.
  11. Not connection between SM43 PLC and APP

    You must set PLC name in rung 1 at the right of FB's you already have. APP will not work with no PLC name defined in ladder. Name is your password of sorts, I would suggest making it something more unique than SM43 if it is going to be port forwarded to the public internet. Another note: socket 1 is set to 20256 by default. While redefining socket does no harm, it is not required. Happy coding. -dB
  12. BSOD in Windows 10

    Latest BSOD was driver related. Highly suspect MS is self sabotaging itself via unsolicited driver updates or other thrid party software. Could be faulty memory or other hardware. Very ELUSIVE. Can't squarely blame it on UniLogic. uninstalled uniL and still getting them. Very low time laptop, so not much of a baseline for prior reliability. Doesn't make me want to go find another Win10 laptop and try again anytime soon though. Not that I trust anything Microsoft all that much, Win7 is fairly predictable.
  13. On a V430 two serial ports. Port two can have a second (optional) serial board installed. V1210 has two included serial ports and option for a third. Not sure about others. Specs would reveal. I have used the two included serial ports on a V1210 simultaneously one to a PC and second as a MODBUS master. Please note that the mini USB port (when actively connected) takes over the primary serial port. A bit of an inconvience when wanting to be on online mode and have serial port also working out RJ11 jack. Sounds like two on the V130 also.
  14. Automatic Switcher Issue

    IF the inverted contacts you added to valve control outputs handles the outputs logic in all possible conditions THEN it would be redundant to also keep vector fill and on delay for "scalingandalarms" subroutine ladder call. That was a solution for testing with no live inputs, just force loaded bits/registers via online mode. I try to think of things sequentially as they happen in the first scan and then in all subsequent scans. It could be that all outputs energize for a single scan then inverted contacts set them off in all subsequent scans (until pressure restored and user resets). This could all happen so fast that your solenoid valves never make a complete physical opening. Sounds like you have everything doing what you want it to, just be sure it happens in the sequence(s) you want.
  15. Automatic Switcher Issue

    This depends, IF for any reason the PLC resets (power failure and program downloads that require reset) will it have current (4 to 20mA) at the analog inputs on the first program scan, at least one channel above the critical low set points? The purpose of the vector fill is to load imaginary raw tank pressure values (THIS HAPPENS ONLY ON THE FIRST SCAN because of SB2 contact) that will prevent all three tanks from latching into low pressure lockout states (user must reset). You won't get real pressure data into the PLC until the timer ahead of "scalingandalarm" subroutine call has expired and it's contact goes TRUE. You could put an SB0 contact ahead of vector fill and and SB1 contact branched around (logical OR) TD8's contact. Then you can load program and observe behavior. IF you are getting all outputs on due to ALL TANKS critical low pressure THEN you can take out SB0 ahead of vector fill and remove SB1 around TD8 contact and adjust TD8's time value low enough to let your transducers stabilize at power up. I would also recommend a physical Emergency Stop mushroom head NC switch coupled to PLC input that would UNCONDITIONALLY CLOSE all valves IF activated by user. You could construct logic that would sample (delta) differential in system pressure over (defined) segments of time to detect a massive leak or open in the gas piping THEN trigger an ALL STOP on valves. I haven't done much change of value versus change in time logic, but the potential is there! A very sudden drop in tank or system pressure (downstream) could be interpreted as a rupture or massive leak. Obviously your tank pressure transducers are on the tank side of the solenoid valves. My best advice is to always LIVE TEST every possible (and even impossible) scenarios of Input conditions the PLC could encounter and take note of the results. I try to use as many logical FAILSAFE's in the code as possible. Then address falsing issues and adjust or remove as the live machine testing goes forward. I don't really have time to sit down and construct logic from scratch to show you how I would have coded your application. Joe T's index/pointer example is a great approach. I probably would have used several compare FB's and S/R bits, a bit banger as Joe put it. The community here is always happy to help others help themselves. Happy coding. You've chosen the right hardware, software, and support network for your project. Very happy with the price, performance, and support that I have always received from Unitronics.