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  1. USB com to PC does override local com port, however the packet your scope is showing would indicate port is under MODBUS control. 1 stop bit is more common. Dude, your data presentation is totally awesome. "A problem well defined is a problem half solved". Vision is sending "datagram" out, high probability your VFD is not recognizing message to send an answer back. I take it polarity swap did nothing?
  2. I believe USB is converted to Ethernet inside the Unistream. Your firewall could be blocking it. I use Avast and have to put it in "silent mode" or add an exception for USB to Unistream to work.
  3. An oscilloscope across the data pair can be helpful in determining if anything is happening on the pair. I may be the odd man out on having a scope on hand, that said if you have access to one don't refrain from using it as a troubleshooting tool. The wire swap idea is worth a try. It is my understanding that "A" and "B" don't necessarily have a universal congruency to + and -
  4. Integrate audio into MP4 video player. Between VLC media player and Audacity (both free, open source, trusted media editors) you could merge MP3 into MP4, then video plays in sync with desired audio. Unistream is not an audio mixer, audio files have to play one at a time. I suspect a Video player launch would override sound player file "in progress". I recent spent a lot of time trying to perfect video and RTSP streaming widget on a USP156-B10. Support can give you specifics on CODECS, max frame rates, bit rates, etc. That's a dance they had with my recently.
  5. Ahh... if Joe T. can do it I so can I. Not saying it's because I'm smarter.... Just relentless and tenacious. Once I get my head around something, look out, it's like I'm running with scissors. lol plus there’s alway the “ask Joe” option if I get stuck.
  6. Thanks for sharing Joe!! Perhaps I am resisting the change to UDFB’s.... but if it works then it works. If you call it “easy” then I’m sold.
  7. Rog: If you have any specific questions in the future everyone on the forum will help if/when they can. As has been reminded to us recently: this forum is mainly comprised of users and is NOT the official Unitronics support channel (although some support team staff are members and answer). If it is an urgent issue call/email support and post here. It usually evening/weekends when I cruise the forums. Some of the gurus frequent late at night. The not calling subroutine has got me more than once in Visilogic and UniLogic, I'm finally learning if bits/integers are unresponsive to check for calling first (before panic mode, lol). The seminar was worth my trip for the "control+enter" to CR a text line. That one had stumped me for some time, I was creating second and third text boxes for extra lines of text. Granted that was probably in the help somewhere. Another thing I've learned is to scour the help section for info. Visilogic help is excellent and UniLogic help is "filling out" as time progresses. Hotwires
  8. I ran into a bug that was a show stopper a few years back. Here’s the good news: a fix was released. It took a few weeks, keep in mind (someone correct me if I’m wrong) software fixes come out of Isreal. If anyone gets a fix released in less than a week please let me know how it was done. Unitronics is pushing the envelope of what a PLC can (or was ever intended to) do. The competition won’t have the same bugs when they don’t even offer the same features. Would you mind sharing what the other bug is? I am planning on developing new applications for several Unistreams this year in a manufacturing facility. Everyone depends on swift support, these PLC’s control the machines that control our paychecks. Sometimes I’ll find a solution on my own before the forum or support team replies; other times I have to wait it out. I’m not a software hacker so bug fixes have to wait.
  9. Fair enough. I predicated it with “quick fix”. Unitronics is good about feature requests (generally) but they can take some time. I envisioned a PTC contact to defeat screen saver and an NTC contact to restore sceen saver at client disconnect. Theorically that leaves nothing to forget. Annoyinng: I agree. I’ve been stonewalled with similar issues myself. I work with another major PLC brand and they have their issues too. For the price, features, support, and possibility of feature requests making a release; I deal with the little things and enjoy the greater good I can realize with Unistream.
  10. What PLC model/series? When you say PC, controlling group of PLC’s, how? Are you talking HMI software like Wonderware on master PC? Without some HMI software for PC you could use remote access (or VNC if Unistream) to a single master PLC that in turn controlled others via MODBUS. Vision has .NET however that is out of my league. Both Vision and Unistream have webservers. I suspect the other guru’s will ask For specific example of what/how you are controlling on the group of PLC’s. There are ways and I’m sure the group here can get you pointed in the right direction. When you say “user interface” on PC it leads me to think HMI software that would in turn exchange data via OPC, MODBUS, or .NET. If you don’t need HMI at each PLC look into remote I/O to a single PLC then remote access that PLC on PC. Need more info to really hone out a good recommendation.
  11. Perhaps a unique bit that responds to VNC screen clicks. Could be ORed in ladder with general.touched bit. Hopefully next release will fix the “number of VNC connections” bug as well. If that counter worked reliably it could “partially” solve the screen saver problem. A compare could detect when a VNC Session was established and disable screen saver. When connected clients=0 screen saver could Resume. I believe there is a VNC connected bit, if you’re needing a quick fix you could defeat the screensaver when the VNC connected bit is true .
  12. Not sure I understand the need to STORE "grade a" to itself. Unless it's to a different data type with same tag name (didn't think UniL allowed that). It's a different animal than Visilogic, no debate there. I am getting used to Unilogic. I get annoyed by UDFB's being put in place of functions that used to be integrated in Visilogic. To be fair (in my critism) Allen Bradley is doing the same thing in CompactLogix, functions integral to uLogix now require complex subroutine (ex: day of week and scale with parameters). Examples in UniLogic: vector linearization. the training is good. I did the UniLogic class with Dan Logee in Rockford a few years ago, highly recommended.
  13. Where do I find the "demo" project file that would be in a new Unistream when it's powered up fresh out of the box?
  14. The serial protocol block should facilitate you "home brewing" MODBUS structured write commands. @Joe Tauser would be the expert in that arena.
  15. UniLogic is NOT = to AB. The sooner I accepted that the easier I could sleep at night. It's a semi-reciprocal relationship: AB can do things UT can NOT and UT can do (probably a greater quantity) of things that AB can NOT. Pick the tool that best fits your mission (or budget in some cases) and run with it. On another note: only one of my suggestions made it into a version UniLogic, only because I could prove it worked with Vision but not with Unistream. Involved MODBUS, a Unistream master, V430 slaves, rs232 radio modems, and no (user definable) serial data timeout.
  16. I had a crash course in UniLogic string to num conversions (formatting/handling). You have to remove leading spaces and trailing non numeric characters if I recall correctly. The Visilogic string to num FB is more flexible as to what it will convert. If your ASCII string is purely numeric characters you should be Okay. If you need a subroutine to strip off other characters let me know. I could share a snippet of code I used.
  17. An ohmmeter with an RS232 port would be the most logical approach in my mind. VOM talks ASCII to V570 via serial port then comparisons/decisions could drive outputs/actions.
  18. By filter the float values you mean extract for use elsewhere (separate from the rest of the telegram)? I have done something similar but on a smaller scale using find in substring and remove from string FB's. It would be a more complex construct for what you're doing, doable none the less. I agree with NahumS, need to see it in context, give an example of the extracted floats? A table, CSV, loaded into an array?
  19. The only reason I caught it so fast it that I've done it myself a few times. Only other advice most of the forum guru's would give is to break up the three lines in rung 1 into individual nets. I'm sure it works fine as coded but in some cases line stacking in a single rung (net) can give unexpected results. Something to do with the compiler, not sure... I'm loosely re quoting others. Glad you got it working to your satisfaction.
  20. As long as the wireless side of the bridge connects the ethernet side doesn’t know (or care) what it is connected to. In theory it should work with any ethernet enabled device using the standard TCP/IP protocol. I use Ubiquiti wireless networking devices for PtP and PtMP links. Almost all of their devices can be configured in bridge mode (WLAN:LAN).
  21. I recently setup two Unistream 5” pro to receive serial ASCII strings from two Ohaus scales, eventually got it working as desired. You are correct on the lack of help file content on the SERIAL Com RX function. I have kindly suggested content be added for that function. In rung two, the second object from left, top branch, tag “ComRx”; is that supoosed to be a coil or a contact? The (P) is a coil. This seems out of context. Try -|P|- positive transition contact. These two are close together on shortcut bar and ambigitouis sometimes. See if that helps and please advise. The way it stands now as a coil it would pass thru a true every scan that “logging” is true. Happy coding Sir. Hotwires
  22. UPDATE: FOR REFERENCE.... I took the time to see how a Vision V430 handles ACSII to INTEGER conversions: Visilogic will convert ASCII strings with: -leading zeros -leading spaces -trailing spaces -trailing letters It will not accept: -leading non numeric characters Unilogic will only convert strings with: -leading zeros *Leading and trailing non numeric characters must be removed before conversion.
  23. When you’re all out of fuses but have plenty of ammo. Photo credit to Paul on the facebook “Emergency Lights and Sirens Enthusiasts” group.
  24. Doesn't Visilogic support dynamic Slave ID? I was thinking I had a test program setup (once upon a time) where I could use entry keypad to set MODBUS slave ID, may have had to PTC the configure block in conjunction with new ID assignment. I recall it all working as expected. Everyone gets tired of hearing this from me (I'm quite sure), but here it goes again: "Why can't UniLogic have all the features of Visilogic and have all the new features of UniLogic"? A good share of Unistream sales (SURELY) is to Samba/Vision users who are upgrading hardware or at minimum very accustomed to Visilogic and it's feature set. It was a suprise to me as I slowly discovered the missing features. I know, I know... I want to have my cake and eat it to. Doesn't stop me from wishing
  25. @NoamM Was the VNC connections counter bug ever fixed?
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