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  1. I finally found two solutions that seems to work. 1. Use toggle coil: Probe Coil ---[P]------(X) 2. Use toggle logic: Probe Coil Coil -------[P]---+---[ ]------(R) | | Coil Coil +---[/]------(S) Thank you all!
  2. I have a COIL and a PROBE. When PROBE contact is raised (positive transitional) then energize COIL (this works): Probe Coil ---[P]---+--( )--- | Coil | ---[ ]---+ Now, how do I do the following: When PROBE contact is raised again (positive transitional) and COIL is already energized, then de-energize the COIL. Any help would be greatful as I already spent half a day trying to solve this.. I'm using VisiLogic ladder. SM43-J-T20. Thank you!
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