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  1. I summary - I never could just swap in a Samba - had to start a new and then import the Ladder and HMI's. The HMI import and export option is in the project menu when working on the HMI, not when you right click on the individual HMI's, I guess that was what I was looking for.
  2. Thanks - I have some extra analog in's that I also think I need to delete. I will try that. And yes both are 320x240.
  3. Flex727 - Thank you for the reply. They are the same size 3.5" but I don't know about resolution. However the error I am getting is 'Hardware Configuration Change 557 ...project can't be switched between PLC models. This project compromises features that are not supported by Samba.' I use Alarms, Trends, String Library, Compare, Add/Sub/Div, schedules, linearization, and that's about it. I guess I can take things out until I find out...any idea what is not for the Samba? Trends/SD cards? Thanks again.
  4. Hi All - I want to reuse an old Vision project as a template for the HMI 's mainly and to reuse some of the ladder logic for a new Samba project. I see I can export and import ladders but how do I reuse HMI's? Thanks for any guidance.
  5. As I recall, I ran into this problem and it turned out to be that in Unilogic Password Management a bunch of stuff was password protected (like UniApps Adminstrator but not UniApps Guest) and if you put in the wrong password for UniApps Adminstrator you were logged in as a guest (with no indication that you had entered the wrong password) and also with no privileges so that the USB DOK wasn't even seen when you tried to upgrade etc...
  6. Hi , I have been working with the PID loop and it seems very complicated. I just want a simple PID loop (I'm anti auto tune) with manual mode (straight output) and automatic mode (with manual tuning) and I've seen posts that seem to imply that this can be done. Would I used the Run PID function? Or set the parameters in the config struct, Load PID AutoTune Data, then save it? and then Run PID? Would I use the PID AT Params or PID_Config struct or both? I only need a PI controller - so would I need to set SP, PV, P, I, Control Valve, Reverse Action (Does this account for a negative sign in the PI values?), and what else is mandatory at a minimum? Do I need Sample Time, and the Input and Output Highs and Lows? Is there a better way?
  7. I think they had a loose connection so that the signal would go to zero mA or a short that would knock the rail off line...
  8. My advice is to mock it up and start working. When you hit a roadblock post a question here. CANbus could be used. As well as the EX-RC1.
  9. Hi - I have been unable to recreate this problem however, one of our engineers said that when the sensor input goes over 20mA, the UIA-0800N value drops to less than 4mA in the Unilogic program/HMI display. Maybe like a protective mode or it knocks the entire rail offline - not sure. I measured the actual input as 21.62mA from the sensor on my PLC setup. The other engineer is using a different PLC setup with slightly different power and grounding. Specifically he is grounding the power supply COM to GND. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. I use trends and they fill up the SD card on the UniStream. I tried to use the file browser object to manage the SD card. Specifically I'm trying to delete the 'samples' folder created by the trends. When I try using the file browser and UniStream SD Delete (or the one in UniApps) after selecting the 'samples' folder I get an error Any ideas on how to do this correctly? Is something writing to the disk or not properly stopped? Right now I have to pull the SD card and delete it on my laptop then put it back into the PLC. Not very elegant and difficult to do remotely... Thanks!
  11. Good idea! I'll try that.
  12. Hi - I was wondering if there is a way to auto-scale the trends, instead of min value and max value you would set it it auto and it would automatically scale based on the data set when displayed. Thanks.
  13. Hi - I was wondering if there was a tool to auto resize the HMI's in a VLP when you change models from a V350 to a V700. I can select all elements right click and center in display vertically and horizontally but this won't auto-resize to fit the screen. Thanks.
  14. The older I get, the dumber I like my technology...cause they never seem to be thinking what I'm thinking!
  15. Hi - I have an Unistream panel connected to an UAG-XK-125 with 4 relay cards on the rail (UID-0016R's). My question is when I download a new program to the panel are the UID-0016R's identified or written to in any way? My concern is that I am downloading, then disassembling the UID's (disconnecting the wiring connectors)and then shipping them somewhere and then reassembling them again. I won't be there when it is all re-connected. Do the UID's need to be reconnected in the same exact order they were disconnected (RLY0,RLY1,RLY2,RLY3) - will the I/O tags move or anything else be changed? They are all the same type UID-0016R. Or can they use any UID-0016R in any order? Thanks.
  16. Ok, my point is that the tag string name could be added as a member of the tag structure or class or memory allocation or whatever it is, then maybe add a function like IP to string, it could be called Tag to string, any character that doesn't work disappears/not converted. The benefit would be in a UDFB you can do something once for troubleshooting or logging or alarms and not 100's of times. For example- how can I see the code inside the function in Online mode? My understanding is that I can only see the inputs and outputs in real time. With a Tag to string I could log the tag name and value to a file with a time stamp or iteration etc. Again I have 240 possible conditions. Right now I have to take the logic out of the function and put it somewhere else on the ladder and then change all the tag names just to troubleshoot that function code.
  17. Hi, 3 schedules for 80 different relays = 240 possible configurations that could be in conflict with one another. What I did was use an output for the function (I still had one left) and attached a string to that and used the string's power up default value as the error message and that seems to work. BTW, I was thinking more like in C# you could do something like this: string TagName = nameof(obj.Tag); So it might be an easy addition to the source code. Thanks.
  18. Hi All - I made a complex function that has used all 10 inputs, so I can't just add another input for this, I just need the name of the tag in the function (call it CBA bit or whatever it is called) that triggers a bad condition, and I need to post that tag name to a string (in a data table struct). I am just looking for the easiest way to get that info into the data table from inside the function without a string input so that I don't have to do it 240 times elsewhere, and I figure getting the tag name( which I know already) into a string would work best, if I can do it. I am using a bunch of UID-0016R's and they have addresses with Alias Names which seem to be strings too but this is in the function output. Any ideas how or any other options? Also, is it possible to see inside a function while in Online mode for troubleshooting - all I seem to be able to see is the inputs and outputs? Thanks!
  19. We have one HMI panel and just use the Local Expansion Kit UAG-XK-125 and the CPU is set to IP, Subnet, and Default Gateway to nothing and it seems to work (the web server page anyways). Is setting up the CPU's IP essential for VNC, RS485, and/or CANbus communication? It seems redundant to have this and I'm not really sure why you need the CPU's IP settings - any insight? Thanks.
  20. Hi and thanks for all your help - it appears that our problem was related to the way the Unitronics Panel Ethernet was set up, so not a router problem but a problem with the PLC IP. In this instance the Default gateway had to be set to the routers internal IP address. And now it works (I don't know if this is proper but it works). A good tool for checking this functionality was http://www.whatsmyip.org/port-scanner/ where you enter 5800 or your port # and you see if it is open or not.
  21. Thanks for the reply - my question is more how do you do that with the Comcast Business Internet tools? What are the steps to set it up? Do I need a Static IP? Thanks.
  22. Hi - I have a Unilogic web server page going to port 5800 that shows the basic status of our system. I can see it internally no problem (on the LAN maybe you could say). For example the PLC Panel ethernet is set to and I am on the same LAN where my IP4 address is and so when I open Chrome and type, hit enter, and I can see the basic status page. The issue is that I can't seem to view it externally (on the WAN?). We have Comcast Business internet and I think the problem has to do with how the IP's/ports are created and handled and with the firewall. Has anyone set this up and if so what are the basic steps? Does the Unistream HMI panel need to have a static IP address ,or a WAN IP, and/or a Public Subnet? Or do I keep the PLC's LAN IP address like it is already and somehow the router is configured to broadcast the web server page on the public IP at port 5800? Thanks!
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