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  1. Hi Ausman, 0). (ha ha.....my first plc joke for the year!) Ensure Visi is installed and running as Admin. - Yes, it is running as admin. There is no other user. 1). If there is an ethernet port on the 570 try your comms using that with settings derived from the unit. - We tried to ping from ethernet setting, but it failed. 2). Using info mode, ensure that SB314 is off. - This we havn't checked. We will check it. 3). If still trying with 232, again check your cable. Google images for mj10-22-cs25, as well as looking up your Unitronics info, for clarity. - Cable checked once again. It is ok. 4). Ensure that you are plugging your 232 into the comm port, and not the expansion (or ethernet if there) port. - Yes. COM1 only. Port 1. 5). Don't run usb and 232 together. - There is no usb on 570. 6). Check all the 232 parameters decided upon in Visi, and write them to the settings in Device Manager. Close out of DM and try again. I have had instances where things don't work unless Windows is set exactly the same. Vary your speed settings around, doing the same things with settings in DM, and try again. - This we tried. We changed speed to 57k same is setted in pc. & again tried. 7). You should at least be able to get into some sort of communication with it. If you achieve this, and it still refuses an upload, then it is likely not burned.
  2. Dear Joe, Ok. But atleast why communication is not established after communication settings done. I made 4 wire cable for RS232. Something mistake I may have done; which is not clicking. I am not getting "GET PLC STATUS". Same message is comming as above error I given. Because of one of the 4 errors I am not able to establish the communication. Please tell me what are the check points I need to check once again atleast to eastablish communication & GET PLC STATUS / DATA.
  3. Hi Joe!!! Thanks. I do not have copy of program. I read that in help about "burned for upload". Now How can I know now the programmer had done - "Burned for upload". Is there is any way to find it whether it is "burned for upload" or not??
  4. Hello Everyone!!! I need to take upload from V570. I have Visilogic 9.8.31 version software. I made cable as instructed in manual. Cable continuity is tested & found ok. I set all my PC i.e. device setting - Bits per second, data bit, stop bit, parity as same as in V570 found at COM1 port setting. Still I didn't able to establish communication & hence upload from V570. The error msg is comming as - "1. Cable connections are not secure. 2. Timeout is too short. 3. Incorrect communication setting (Baud Rate, Com port number) 4. Current user name is not authorized for this action." Can anyone tell me what can I do now..
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