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  1. Hello I am trying to run a 10V variable pump from a unitronics plc unistream usp-070-b10, by inputting a value on the HMI between 0-10 volts and running it according to the users input. Not sure if it is the code of the numeric box which is on the HMI settings is wrong. The configuration settings are done correctly.
  2. I'm using a unitronics plc unistream usp-070-b10 , second hand and there is a program on it which i do not need. mini USB to USB won't work for me so i tried Ethernet and I cant access UniApps when i hold down the top right hand corner, it prompts password and I don't no what it is. Is there any way of rebooting the PLC & HMI back to factory settings so I can get into UniApps to get the IP address as the guys before hand changed the IP address.
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