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  1. Solved!!! Thanks for the replies, I¨m new with the UNITRONICS systems. The problem was the seal on the battery, I install ant wired the panel and I don´t saw the plastic seal on the battery. When I take it out, the tag and variables start normally and retain the value. Thank You
  2. I can´t retain the tag value at start up, I follow the instructions from the UNITRONICS site, I mean, check the "retain" at the Tag menu, and write a initial Value, but the variables always start at power up with the initial value. If only check the retain box, and don´t write initial neither power up value, my values start in zero. Thaks a lot for your help Juan Manuel
  3. How I find the PLC Name and tcp port to conect my 7" Panel and PLC to Unitronics android APP?
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