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  1. Hello! So I have a V130-J-TR34 driving a Teknic Clearpath motor via PTO. The motor is connected to a THK Ball Screw Slide with a Turck "Home" Sensor wired into the PLC via Digital Input. The current program basically homes the motor/slide to the sensor, and then the sensor goes high, I then trigger an immediate PTO STOP, followed by a re-set of the PTO Profile, then finally a PTO Set Home. The Read Status Current Position is getting set to 0 correctly. Then, if I do a PTO Move to a target (ex: 150215)...the PTO actually sends it to 150245, +30 counts. BUT, if I then move it back to home, it goes perfectly back to 0, and if I do the same move again to 150215, it goes exactly to 150215, and is fine thereafter moving to any position. (Counts also verified via Teknic Drive Software) Is there some trick to configuring PTO in either the Profile or Move blocks that I might be doing wrong? Thanks!
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