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  1. Hello, Thanks for posting! Starting from last version 1.24.56, the maximal length of the MQTT password had been extended to 255 characters. Is that enough for your Azure broker? You're right, but it is right now in process and this new feature will be available in next UniLogic version (very soon) Hope it will help! Rivka
  2. Hello, As you can see in the "Note" section of the SD Management chart, the "Maximal number of files in SD" is expressed per Data Sampler folder. Hope this information helps.
  3. Hello, Starting from UniLogic 1.19.80, you have the option to set a new global action named "Take Screenshot" that can be triggered through Ladder. (it is linked to a bit tag that you can control from ladder). Hope this helps!
  4. Starting from next version, you will be able to get a contextual help in most of the Ladder Elements the same way you can get it for HMI elements. (A blue question mark will appear next to each ladder element name in the Ladder tool box when you hover it)
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