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  1. Hi Aus Thanks for all your suggestions and your help After contacting Unitronics, i found out that the lifespan of the keyboard is pretty good (Aprox. 1 Million Clicking Cycles), and also that the HMI Keyboard is easily replaced. With this in mind and seeing the relative complexity of the solutions, i think i will just leave the keyboard from the HMI Thanks again adn Sorry for wasting your time
  2. I was thinking more like one push button for each key. Connected to the Input port
  3. Hi Aus I want to use just the external pad, can you explain what you mean when you say alter method? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Cam Thanks for your help I was trying your solution, but apparently SB32 and SB30 dont activate ever, even in a simple ladder code as the one in the picture Also, by doing what you suggest will i be able to use the arrow keys as well in the variable active mode?
  5. Hi Denis Thanks for your help! Unfortunately my problem goes on, even if i replace the direct contact with a positive transition one. For example, to enter a keypad variable entry, i usually have to press ENTER twice, one to be able to enter the value, and another one to confirm. With my external button, i can "press" the first ENTER without problem, but i can't confirm the value, in ohter words, i can't "press" the second ENTER. Same thing happens with the arrow keys,
  6. Hi! Im currently working on a project with a Vision 130 OPLC. In my application, the people interacting with the HMI, have to press the keys many times, specifically the arrow keys and the ENTER key. I'm worried about the lifespan of the keypad and i dont want it to damage. As a solution for this, I've tought of having external buttons connected to the INPUT port of the PLC, and using them (in software) to act as the keys in the HMI keyboard (see attached image). However, I'm using a List of Text as Keypad Variable Entry, and whenever i go into keypad variable entry mode (blinking), the external buttons dont work as the keys anymore. I want to know if i'm doing anything wrong or if there is a better way to override the keypad keys. Thanks In Advance Juan
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