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  1. Hello Simon: In the past days, I integrate to Unistream Slaves to a Ignition SCADA, and I found some issues. So we perform a TEST by doing the following: In UNISTREAM we create 5 coil registers to be readed on the SCADA: In UNISTREAM we created M0, M1, M2, M3 y M4 UNISTREAM is SLAVE to the SCADA. UNISTREAM is communicating by MODBUS TCP UNISTREAM SLAVE addres cannot be changed and the default assigned in the software is 255 In the SCADA software the MODBUS configuration, we have to make some changes: i. START reading register we have to change from 0 to 1 ii. In the END register we have to change from 4 to 5 iii. The UNIT ID is not 255, we have to write 0 iv. Modbus type Coil is the kind of MODBUS function we are using v. Modbus Address should says 2 (i still don't know why, but this was the only way how it works) we did the same with the integer registers and works fine. We where able to read all the changes we made on the UNISTREAM Prefix Start End Step Unit ID Modbus Type Modbus Address P90_1_ 0 26 0 Coil 110 Also, on the UNISTREAM software you cannot ask more that 1024 registers. Hope this is usefull for you regards, Jota
  2. Hello: I am having trouble to communicate my V1040 with an existing Schneider Electric M221 with the serial port. It was supposed to be easy, but I don't receive any answer from the M221. V1040 has 2 ports, and I am using port 2. The port has been set up for RS485 with termination with the DIP switches. MODBUS protocol is: Baud rate: 19200 Parity: NONE Stop Bit: 1 wires has been checked and also pinout. My first concern is about the pinout. Schneider requires 3 wires on RS485. It uses D1, D0 and ground, while V1040 only uses A+ (D1) and B- (D0), but no ground as reference. The V1040 is the MASTER and has ID1 and the M221 is setup with SLAVE ID 3, and the only line on this PLC is to set a value on %MW1 with the value of %MW0 A very simple program attached is made to read a Holding Register Addressed 1 (%MW1) and this value should be displayed on the Touchscreen. While reading the execution, the status messages I receive are 4 and 5 only. This means I have no communication. I really need help on this. Please advice. Prueba MODBUS.vlp Prueba MODBUS.smbp
  3. Hello: I ve been working in an application in which I need to show some HOURMETERS from working motors. My application is been developed in a V1210 unit, and I am using VISILOGIC version 9.8.31 As I see, it is supposed to be easy. Whle the starting motor order is held ON, the hourmeter should count up time. I want to show the numbers as the image attached. This is, the counter will count up to 99999,9 until RESET to 0000 So my prupose to do this in the network image attached, Well, I also used the VIRTUAL PLC tool to test it, but it seems not to work. In the simulation I can see the 1 second pulses, but the counter does not increment (or at least is not showing it). So, can some tell me what I am doing wrong? or the problem is the simulator? Hope you can help, Joaquin
  4. Hello: Thanks for your answer. In order to clarify, it is only 3 users/level and 1 paswword per user/level. I want to set a password for each user but can't find how to do it on help.
  5. Hello: I am using Visilogic to program an application for a V1210 HMI unit. My application requires 3 level of users: Operator Supervisor Programmer Each kind of user should have a password. Of course, all of those passwords should be different. Can someone suggest a way to do this? Thank you in advance
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