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  1. Hi, Pretty simple question but for some reason as a beginner I am having trouble finding out. When using a snap-on IO and then an Expansion module and IO, how do I enter my inputs into my program after I have filled my snap-on IO Number wise? When the next IO starts at I0 does it matter what number the input isin the program in regards to hard wiring into the module? eg; I have room for 18 digital inputs, I am only using 14 on my snap-on IO, on my next IO I am using 13 of the 16 digital inputs, I will number my inputs in entered in my program 0-13 regards to how they are hard wired, i have On my next IO what number do I start on in my program considering my IO Starts at I0 in regards to my hard wired cables? I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I am just beginning really but I am looking at setting up two analogue inputs, the purpose is that when either one is out of a set range or out of a certain range of each other an alarm will sound. Do I need to set up a separate alarm for the Set range then another for the range between both? They both should be the same in Principle, but if one goes out of range of the other due to calibration or whatever the issue is I want the alarm to sound so i can identify which one isn't right. My thinking is there must be an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance.
  3. On the V570 how long back do the trends save? Eg months days?
  4. Hi, I am currently trying to clone an application and the issue I am having is that the program I am trying to clone has a password on it, I know the password but I cannot seem to get the password option screen to pop up? I have seen I must hold the screen or even the main menu button but it doesn't do anything. I am doing this with unistream model. Hope someone can help. Thanks, Declan.
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