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  1. Its working all fine. Many Thanks to All of you... Best regards.
  2. Solve the problem. just change TCP/IP Project Setting Port Number Change to 20257 Thanks All. one more question..... I already connect plc with KepserverEX, But I want to connect and see values on internet browser same time. when i cahge tcp/ip socket init ; socket 0, protokol: HTTP, Port: 80, server, i see on web browser but i cant see on KepserverEX How can i make it ?
  3. hi all. I was reborn this topic. Ihave same problem same equipment, but my kepwareEX version 6.0.2107.0 try to connect v570 via kepwareEX like up side but i cant connect. Can you helpme anybody please ? give me a screen shot please.
  4. Yes. UniOPC set to "Run as Administrator" but it doesn't work with honeywell UNIFORMANCE PHD SERVER. I don't want use UniOPC, I want to use kepserverex, because kepserverex already runing with honeywell UNIFORMANCE PHD SERVER. can you explain me how can i configure kepserverex and unitronics plc side? Best regards.
  5. Hi i want to connect vision V1040 to Uniformance PHD by using uni opc. but can't do that. when i start uniopc, i see on error window runtime error 70 permission denied. i want to try by kepserverex, can you explain me how can i configure kepserverex and plc side? Best regards.
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