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  1. OK now I understand thank you for your explanation Joe.
  2. @Joe Tauser Thank you for the link and I dont know what did you think by homework and C programming. I dont need to test encoder directly on the machine with original panel and V430. I was just asking if it is possible to test encoder at home on the bench that I can know if its working properly. One solution is that can be tested with LED diodes on the output signals but is only visual and I think not 100% test, so i thought to use my V430 for better test. I allready connected the encoder on my V430 like you saw on the video and configure HSC input (A,B) Shaft encoder (X2) / MI 0 and link MI 0 on HMI Variable: Numeric .
  3. In below link I took a video with encoder that I was turning with motor in only one direction. Are the numbers on display 0->32xxx and then -32xxx to 0 normal for encoder ?
  4. For test I will turn encoder with motor on the bench so that is not a problem. Problem is now only in program to write for the encoder.
  5. Correct, real lenght is not OK at the end. I look the machine and everything is ok. Encoder is directly driven from metal sheet by the wheel. Wheel is connected with encoder with a clutch between. "Between someone changed encoder with new one (RLS RE36IA0613B10F2A00) and it was working only 1 week and then died. " How can I make a program on V430 that I can test old encoder and see that A and B channels are working ok without Z ?
  6. Hi to all Thank you for the answers. Encoder is 24VDC and I allready connected it on the PLC (picture in attachment). On HMI I add Variable numeric to see numbers when I turn encoder CW it goes from 0 to 32128 and then switches on -32000 to 0 and again from 0 to 32xxx. I have one machine that encoder is installed and Im not shore if the fault is in encoder so I would like to test it to be shore before I buy new one. The encoder measures the length of the sheet metal on the machine and does not show it correctly. On 6000mm of length he shows more then 500mm more, every time different. Encoder is connected on external panel that has connections A, B, +24V and GND (picture in attachment) Now I would like to write some simple program that I can see that channel A and channel B working ok. So its just for bench testing.
  7. Hi, I have one encoder that I would like to test if its working ok. Encoder has 5000 pulses/turn and it has 8 wires: A, B, Z, A-, B-, Z-, +24V, GND + sheald. I connected A and B channel on my V430-J-T2 on HSC0 inputs. My question is can I do the program and test encoder properly to see if A and B channels are working ok?
  8. I found the sollution Thank you anyway, admin can delete this because I was to quick to open new topic. Regards
  9. Hi to all, I have one project that I read analog pressure sensor 4-20mA (0-250BAR). I need to switch valve ON and OFF on setted value min and max. Now I have setted that valve is on allways when he is below 160bar and when he reach 160bar he goes off. And when pressure drops below 150bar he is ON again till 160bar. Program is working but if I would like to change minimum and maximum values I need to set it in the program and writte it to plc. Is it possible to do changes directly on the display for MIN=0-250bar and for MAX=0-250bar? For example I would like to change MAX=180bar and MIN=100bar directly on display. test.U90
  10. I have fixed resistor on potentiometer like on Picture below. I calculate it 1082 Ohm to run from 4,07mA to 19,9mA on extension module IO-AI4-AO2 (analog input). I recorder MI values: 0 = 835 5= 1390 10 = 4075
  11. I tryed with different values of linearization on analog input but with no luck. I would like that when I have potentiometer in the middle on scale 5 analog output needs to be 0V. Now 0V is on scale 8. I have less rotation adjustment from 0V to 10V (scale 8 to 10). And I have more rotation adjustment from 0V to -10V (scale 8 to 0). Linearizarion is working ok only that 0V is not in the middle of the potentiometer.
  12. Another question about potentiometer. To regulate analog output +/- 10V Im useing potentiometer 4,7kOhm + resistor on analog input (4...20mA). Potentiometer scale is 0-10 (pic in attachment) and now I have problem that my 0V is on scale 8 and not 5. Is it possible to calibrate somehow that my 0V will be in the midle (scale 5) ? +/-10V is now working ok but my 0V is on scale 8 and I regulate 0..10V from scale 8...10 and 0V...-10V from scale 8-0.
  13. I have another question: Is it possible to reset somehow all my MB buttons to state 0 when I turn on the PLC ? Now If I push button I got 1 and if I switch off the PLC and switch it back on I still have 1. Now I would like to reset all my MBs somehow if I forgot to turn it down to 0.
  14. Perfect thanke you its working Is it possible to do it through the panel to if I add a button on display ?
  15. Hi, A have one question. I control analog output 0-10V with potentiometer on analog input 4-20mA. Is it possible to add a switch that I first set the value by potentiometer and when I press switch ON panel I get seted vaule on analog output ? Now is working directly when i move potentiometer a got value 0-10V on analog output. AI-O_test.vlp
  16. Now I wrote linearization with program and its working perfect Now I have second question: What happens if I use 2 or more analog inputs (sensors) and I can write linearizaion program only for the one. Because if I use for first sensor SI 80 - 85 to set the (x,y), what SI xx can I use for secon one or third ... ? Analog_input_test_4-20mA_ladder.U90
  17. Thanke you for your answers. Yes I used linearization only for display. #794 is perfect, so I just calculate pressure bettwen 205 and 1023, perfect But I didnt remember to write linearization with program and I will try to write it to.
  18. Hi to all, I have one question. I made simple program linearization for analog input 4-20mA to read pressure sensor 0-250bar. I can read pressure from display without a problem. Now I would like to add if pressure is 180bar or higher it has to activate digital output O 0. I add this function but its not working. Did I use wrong function? Analog_input_test_4-20mA.U90
  19. And final working program test_analog-out_KIki3.U90
  20. I wrote the program by your help of course and its working Only thing that I need to add extra is that if I let the Button_1, cylinder has to go back in home position automaticaly for safety reason. After that the program should be ok for testing in live. test_analog-out_KIki2.U90
  21. Here is my test program that its not finished yet, because I need to add function that cylinder automaticaly moves back to Home Switch when I release button. In my project I have proportional valve that needs +/-10V to drive it and I have 2 valves that has to work together. 1. When I press and hold Button_1 first it has to activate Valve_1 and after some time (timer T0) it has to activate Valve_2 and proportional valve on speed MI 0. (Cylinder is moveing when proportional valve is acivated). 1.1 This is written in the program in Part 1 and its working. 2. When cylider activates End Switch it has to move back automaticaly until he activates Home Switch: - Button_1 is not pressed - Valve_1 is activated - Delay activated Valve_2 and Proportional valve on speed MI 2 2.1 This I have to add in the program Part 2 :/ test_analog-out_KIki.U90
  22. Thanke you for the program @Joe Tauser. I Will test the program. I need in one direction to hold the two-hand control button (safety) and when cylinder reaches 1. end switch then cylinder automaticali returns back until he reache 2. end switch and he stops.
  23. Hi to all again. I have one question about ladder program that attached me @Flex727. I have only one button and two end switches. I have on hydraulic cylinder to move down manualy and up automaticaly. When I hold button I need setted output from MI 0 to move cylinder to the end position. And when cylinder activates end switch 1 then I need output from MI 2 to move cylinder automaticaly in zero position. And when he reaches zero position he activates end switch 2 and he stops. Is it possible to do that? I know how to do it with digital outputs Reset and Set, but with analog outputs no
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