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  1. Hi, I read in an input. Every second the value of the input ( 0 or 1) stored in an array. After 1 minute I have 60 values into the array list. Then I want to calculate the average value of all values to know how many times the input is high into 1 minute. But there is no function to get direct the result, only i.e. to get the minimum or maximum value. To calculate on a way by 1 to 1 it's very long-winded. Is there a function what I can use or a simply way to fixe this. Best regards Leen
  2. Hello, I want to get a table where I put in parameter settings. On the first colum I put in the name of parameter. On the second the value of the parameter is read. Now I will not have the possibility that the name of the parameters are changed. So colum 1 read only. At colum 2 I will have the possibility to change the settings. But on the table only both colums are ready only or editable. Can somebody help me how to read out a parameterlist on the way I wanted? Thanks Leen
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