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  1. Well, it was sort of possible with the VNC. Anyway I have the display that I programmed, but when I "click" on the screen it doesn't change the display (I'm at page 1 I want to go to page 2). It's like there where a filter, colors aren't the same and the buttons doesn't work. Plus, when I go in the UniApps I don't see the complete screen and I can't scroll to exit the menu I'm in. I'm still searching but if someone has any idea, I'll take it ! Thanks JM
  2. Hi ! I'm struggling. I'm starting a project and I'm working on Unistream for the first time. I bought a CPU USC-B10-B1 with 4 extensions UID-1600 and a screen USL-070-B05. I'm trying to connect them with Ethernet but in my programm I cannot configure a USC-B10-B1 and a USL-070-B05. Is it possible to have the HMI and the CPU separated ? How can I connect them to each other ? I hope I was clear and that you guys can help me ! Thanks JM
  3. Hi Alex : By that I meant that I had more than one Siemens API (4 actually) and I'd like to connect all of them to my V570 via Profibus. So the only way to have communication with all of those API is to use a Vision API with profibus communication for each of my Siemens API ? Is there an other option (still with Profibus) ? So you mean that I can't connect the V130 to the V570 ? Jessica
  4. Hello ! So I'd like to connect an Siemens API to my V570. I know that I can use a gateway tanks to an other API (V130) and a port profibus. But I have other Siemens APi i'd like to connect, is it possible to add more port profibus on my V130 ? Thanks Jessica
  5. We still need the cables, they are not old shcool ! ^^ Anyway I "still" have a problem. I can connect my PC to the PLC but I'd like to send an email to my outlook email adress but I tried and I "still" lost. I wanted to use 2 sockets : one to connect my PC so the PLC would be a slave (that's working) the other to send an email to the IP adress of the outlook server so the PLC would be master Can I have 2 sockets with one Ethernet cable ? How do I handle both ? How do I send this email ? Can I use the same email adress for the sender and the receiver ?
  6. Well I don't understand why or how but something work, probably everything you told me to do. I'm connected, so thank you so much !!
  7. Since I have my own network I can change the IP adresses to have 192.168.101.N for the PC and 192.168.101.N+1 right ? I tried both, keeping the same numbers 100 and 101 and changing for 101 and 101 but still nothing. And there is something else, almost everything that I'm reading says that ad hoc is a wireless network but I have to link the PC and the PLC with a cross cable (like you said) so it can't be wireless. The Ethernet card is initialized and the Socket 1 is also initialized but not connected so I'm not even connected, whether it's the right network or the ad hoc.
  8. Flex727, no it's not the same. My PLC address begins with 192.168.100.xxx and for my PC it's 192.168.101.xxx, is it the problem (at least one of them ) ? I'm going to try Ausman method after testing what Cam said. Thanks guys, I'll keep you inform !
  9. I tried with SB 2 and SB 142 but still nothing
  10. Hi everyone ! I'm having some troubles with my PLC... Just so you know, I'm not a pro, I'm more a little beginner in Network stuff. That's actually the first time that I'm working on it. So I have a PLC V570 with a V200-19-ET2 and I want to connect my PLC to my PC. I first asked the scientist computer an IP adress unused, the mask and the default gateway. Then I programmed my PLC (image 1). But it doesn't work, I can not connect them together, and I have the message on the image 2. Plus, when I tried with the cmd.exe windows it wasn't working either (image 3, sorry it's in
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