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  1. So an update to this. I was able to connect to the gmx web server, but I had to use port 587. The PLC successfully sent several emails after I tested it, but I am getting very inconsistent behavior. Sometimes the email goes through. Sometimes, the socket closes immediately upon starting to send the email. Sometimes (most of the time), I get an error 13 or 15 saying that there was something wrong with my password. I know my password is correct, and I'm not changing anything within the email block when i am running these tests back to back. Does anyone have experience with these issues?
  2. Yes, My original problem was similar to this one, but I have since been able to send email. However, it is not consistent. Many times I get an error about there being an issue with my password, other times, as soon as the 'send email' bit goes true, it closes the socket connection for some reason. I can try to send an email over and over again and get very inconsistent behavior. I am using gmx over port 587. I posted a new topic about it here, But i hadn't gotten any bites yet, so I was looking around at other posts.
  3. I've done some searching but have not found an answer to this particular problem yet. I have tried configuring my Unitronics PLC to send email, and have followed the instructions for initializing and connecting the socket connection to a gmx email host. However, I have noticed that when I telnet to the mail.gmx.com server through port 465 (the only port I can connect through), I get a connection for only about 20 seconds before it is 'closed by foreign host'. It seems like maybe the port is not correct? I have tried 25 (which does not let me connect) and 465 because I found those ports online. I think the same thing is happening in the ladder code, because i briefly get a successful indication of connection, but then it gets reset. Has anyone seen this issue before? I was under the impression that GMX was a validated email host to use with these PLCs, so am I doing something wrong?
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