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  1. Thanks a lot guys, turns out it was a poor cable connection.... anti-climactic I know... I am going RJ11 to RJ45/Ethernet to DB25... I was treating the RJ11 cable as a straight through, but it was in fact a crossover which I didn't realise. I don't like the application to begin with, sending an RS232 signal to an old dot matrix printer is a little archaic for me but I got it going so thats the important part! Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone.
  2. Thanks Aus, I will try with Hercules and see how I make out. I'm also suspicious of the wiring, but that part shouldn't be too diffuicult to troubleshoot. I've ordered a proper rj45 to db25 connector that I hope should help so I will update with my progress. Thanks, Adam
  3. Good morning. I am trying to print messages using the send protocol from a Vision120 to an epson lx350 dot matrix printer. I have the Com Init command and the protocol config command setup. I have it wired up correctly (I believe) from the RJ11 to RJ45 to the DB25 adapter to plug into the printer. This system has worked in the past, I inherited the project from a customer who's controls engineer left, and now I'm stuck on getting the printer to work. I have downloaded the program and HMI config and they are working fine. Does anyone have experience in something similar to this? Is there something on the printer side I have to do? Let's assume that I have the communication wiring 100% correct. I still have to verify that again in the morning. Thanks a lot, Adam McCormick
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