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  1. Greg Hi I send you my files for PLC & EX-RC1 , First make adress in your extenzion devices and separatly programming each. After that look the programm and make yours aplication programm and adjust for yours screen in V 560. Joe explained to you how to make address, but programming time for RC1 is the safest at 38,400 via RS232 Evrything next is very simple. Good luck RC TEST V1040.vlp RC#2.vlp RC#3.vlp RC#4.vlp
  2. NOVI

    CAN open

    Hi My friend and I have the same problem and I can not solve it. I made a small test application but I do not succeed, If you managed to solve the problem please let me know, how !!! I attach my small application for the MURR cube 20s , but I believe that all devices do the same. And please tell me if I have any omissions CanOpen.vlp
  3. NOVI

    Several controllers & 2 EX-RC1

    Yes it's possible. The thing is just in correct addressing, One PLC must be master and he must communicate with RC 1. Use the app I made for testing, in all three PLCs just give them their addresses correctly and determine who will communicate with RC 1 I do not have free three PLC-s to try
  4. NOVI

    Several controllers & 2 EX-RC1

    EX-RC 1 Simply testing to help you and be do not waste valuable time All I checked on-line and measured D - IN & OUT, IN-mA, IN and OUT VOLTAGE and all functioning correctly. 2 X - IO-D16A3TO16 + IO-AO6X+IO-AI4-AO2 MASTER V 1040.vlp RC#2 ( SLAVE ).vlp RC#3 (slave ).vlp
  5. NOVI

    Several controllers & 2 EX-RC1

    Sorry I'll see where the i have mistake, but I will correct