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  1. Hi, Is it possible to create connection (for example by Modbus) with KEYENCE RS 232C module typ DL-RS1A and V1040? I would like to measure diameter and read it by DL-RS1A http://www.keyence.com/products/sensor/positioning/ig/models Thanks
  2. I understand. Thanks. But if I have a big DT with many rows and columns? It takes much time to edit it in UDT - cell by cell. With Excell you can grab, drag, drop cells, use formulas etc. Is there any way to edit DT in Excell first? I know how to do it when I have access to the ladder. How to do it when I have only SD card suite, PC , PLC with SD and cable without access to LD?
  3. That is mean: Is it possible to export xls DT file to SD card so that the PLC program could read it?
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