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  1. Hi jpoulson, it cannot be a mistake that you have parity bit "none" in project and in documentation indicates "even" ? Best regards
  2. Ahoj Bence, posielam tagy pre EIP komunikáciu. Rýchlo napísané, podrobnosti iba pre port-0. Hi Bence, I send tags for EIP communication. Quickly typed, details only for port-0. Link for Inspiration.: Balluff_GlobalTags.xls BalluffStructs.xls
  3. Hello, Sorry everyone. For a lot of work I did not solve the I / O link EDS. Our company plans to use IO Link devices with PLCs Unitronics. Can you publish EDS file and the exact type of IO Link devices?
  4. Ahoj, What is XPORT? Can you show me how the scanner node is connected ? connect status= 2 ?( for explicit command).
  5. Hi everybody, The mystery is solved. The start /stop play buttons for audio mp3s can not be on the screen together with the video player. They must each be on their screen separately. Now it works OK.
  6. Thank you for your early response. Maybe I didn't describe my problem well enough. I just need play video and audio separately. The problem is that ,if I start part of the video and stop it, you can not start the audio player. Then I have to start the Video again and play it to the end. Only then does the audio player work.
  7. Hello, I'm using the USP-156-B10 with UniLogic version : 1.25.61. I have a problem with the MP3 player. I use the mpeg-4 video player and MP3 player on the screen. Start and stop buttons for play audiofile.mp3 via RCT Action. If I play video, simultaneous audio playback does not work. I accept, can't play 2 files at the same time from SD card. If I give a play video and then a stop video, the audio file will not be played. I have to give Play video and wait to be played to the end. Then audio file playing. Also, bit in TAG (System\Panel Events\Video Complete) is not setting on after pressing the video controls button StopVideo. Can you fix this error in the future? You could add the Audio Complete bit in (System\Panel Events\) also helps me. Thank you, Pista
  8. Hi Scott, I see that you are trying to implicyt communication. The Alan Bradly should have 128 bits on the input side and also on output. Size at AB. is 8 byts, x (16bits) = 128 bits Size at Unitronics is 8 bytes, x (8bits) = 64 bits. Therefore, you need to rebuild global tags Input_Scale and Output_Scale to had 128 bits. Do not forget to mark the Run Idle O2T.
  9. Hello GonzaloRoldan, I had such a problem. If you have a language other than default English, so the description of the buttons does not transfer to the web page. You need to switch default English language to active and make changes. Then donload to PLC. It seems to me that the description of buttons in other languages is not conveyed to the webserver. Ahoj.
  10. Hello, you have a version of the system 1.23.25 or higher? Before version 1.23.25 all HID devices have logged in as a keyboard! I use the LS2208 scanner and it works ok. Scanner setup: Interface: USB Scanned codes: Set All SDefault, HID Keyboard Emulation, Time-out between similar symbols 02, Time-out between different symbols 02, Scan Option, <DATA><SUFFIX>1013, Enter Try unilogic examples: UniLogic Examples_V1.23 Rev 25\Communications\Barcode Scanner\Barcode Scanner_US-10.4.ulpr
  11. After a successful automotive project, I provide EDS struct for Universal Robots. Do not cry over the EDS translator, if you write it once you already have it. PLC connection with universal robot Works super. Specifically (USP-104-B10) and Universal Robot (UR3 v.6.1). Import into the project (Struct for Robot.xls) and create Global tags (UR1in.Robot_In) and (UR1out.Robot_Out). Set the EIP scanner according to the picture. try it. Struct for Robot.xls
  12. Hello, you have a version of the system higher than 1.23.25? Before version 1.23.25 all HID devices have logged in as a keyboard! I use the LS2208 scanner and it works ok. For inspiration I send some data. Barcodereader.pdf
  13. Hello, To send pictures certainly not, but the command yes. Try it over Ethernet IP. Unfortunately, EDS is not rewritten for Unilogic unistream program. Try to overwrite it from these materials. IV-Tags.CSV
  14. That EDS file is for all variations of IO modules. You have to tell me the exact module type and what type of assembly ID you will use. for example:
  15. Hi voiptel, Unfortunately The EDS file compiler for EIPscanner does not exist in the unilogic programmer. I've created global tags from EDS. You must import global Tags into the program. For example, look the file TagsforJXC91.xls Here is Tags input-output for Keyence Camera CVX400 and motor driver JXC91. TagsforJXC91.xls
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