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  1. Uni-com UAC-02RS2

    Hi, We in the project used 1x UAC-01RS2 2x UAC-02RS2 3x USP-104B10 with 3x USC-P-B10 BUS connectors are well connected. All modules work correctly, including COM modules. Data Tx and Rx in com modules also work. The only error is that, the power LED on the COM modules does not lighting. The power LEDs on the I / O modules light up well. Best regards.
  2. Uni-com UAC-02RS2

    Hello. I connected the Unistream HMI Panel USP-104-B10 with Uni-com module UAC-02RS2. (2xRS232) However, the power LED on UAC-02RS2 does not light up or blink. It's a hardware bug, or I'm doing something wrong. I use the software Unilogic version 1.21.51 . TX RX communication works well on this module. Does anyone know, how to help me?
  3. Hello gentlemen. I'm glad, you're doing on this problem . Connect the cheap barcode reader to the Unistream USB port. Now I need it in one project. The USB protocol is very complex and therefore it does not work. Mr. Alexander your reference to the example: youtube.com/watch?v=G8bWtpYDt7E is super. In the PC is runing the Hercules program with the com3 port. Do you know how to connect a PC with Unistream? More precisely, what RS232 to USB converter is used ? (type). Now available in stores do not work. Well thank you. Sorry for my English. (google translator)
  4. Printing to network printer (PCL)

    Try to look at the example UnilLogic Example\ Communications\ Ethernet Printer via PCL5 Ahoj.
  5. Hi Simon. I'm glad to have helped someone. We do not have an EDS compilation (electronic data sheet) yet. I give Global I / O tags for SMC drivers and Keyence Camera. They can be imported into the project. TagsforJXC91.xls
  6. Hallo, I'm doing Ethernet IP communication with Keyence Cameras (CVX-400) and SMC motor Drivers (JXC91 series). Everything works very well, but it took me a long time for SMC drivers to be checked: Use Run idle for O2T. I would like to ask why and what it means. I did not find explanation in help. Well thank you.
  7. Ethernet/IP to OMRON PLC

    Hi, In france but maybe it can help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP5RQ7BHx5M or this pdf. https://industrial.omron.mx/en/media/NX-EIC202_RA_PLC_QuickStart_en_201503_QSG-RA-PLC-NXEIC_tcm871-110543.pdf