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  1. Hey all, I figured it out. The issue was the set/reset coils not functioning properly. The do not work as local, function in or function out tags. Only global tags. Not sure why but when they are now global and working OK.
  2. Hi all I figured it out. In real life the heater was off as the code suggested. The issue was related to the set/reset coils not functioning properly. The do not work as local, function in or function out tags. Only global tags.
  3. I am aware of the search function. I did not have the software in front of me at the time of the post. I can now confirm that there are no other instances of the "float_start_command" and got it working by changing the contacts back to regular ones as opposed to the transition contacts. Not sure why it wasn't working in the UDFB but I will play around with it and see if I can figure out what was going wrong now that I have something that works. Thanks for your help. Adam
  4. One other thought on this. Does the one instance per tag, per program include disabled rugs? There may be disabled rungs that contain these tags but I would have thought that was ok?
  5. Copied it then changed the tags and deleted the copied function in/out and local tags it created. Does this not work? I don't believe that there are any other instances of the "float_start_command" tag except for what you have in the screen shot but will confirm tonight. As above I will confirm they are the only instances but I am fairly certain they are. Yes, the UDFBs don't allow transition contacts for some reason. Thee is no special reason for putting it in a UDFB as I only use it once. But I thought I may use it again in the future and it makes the code a bit neater.
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for the response. I couldn't set them as transition contacts as they are "function in" tags. I moved it to the main ladder and still doesn't seem to work. the set coil will not go high now? I don't quite understand how the set/reset coils work. the documentation states: "Set Coil separates the coil from the action or condition that energized the coil. Once energized, a set coil's result is no longer dependent on the action that energized it." Surely only the reset coil can unlatch it? Also, the networks are back on separate rungs. Was just trying everything to get it to work.
  7. Hello, I am having trouble understanding how the "Set Coil" and "Reset Coil" work. My understanding is that the Set coil, once energized, stay energised no mater is the RLO goes low. Is that correct? My code seems to switch off the set coil when the RLO goes low. Any ideas on where I am going wrong? Thanks, Adam
  8. Noticed that my PID_HLT output was called "PID Output bit" and not "PID Output" as I had. Still the same problem but the oposite way round "HLT1 OUT" is always 0 even if "PID Output bit" is changing.
  9. Hi, I have a PID function block with an embedded PWM function which should turn a heater on and off with a duty cycle. However it is always set on (1). When I monitor the PID UDFB the output from the PWM is 0 but the main ladder has it as a 1. If i drill down further in the PWM UDFB then that is also 0. I don't understand what is happening. Any help would be great.
  10. Hi, I am able to access my unistream using DDNS and port forwarding on my router. However, how secure is this? The VNC password is unencrypted if i understand correct? Is there any way to access my unistream more securely? Thanks, Adam
  11. Thanks for the reply. That is what I have I think. Can I upload something to show you what I have? Or can you send me the working example so I can see what going wrong?
  12. Nobody done this before? I also added "Day of the Week" and still cant get it to work
  13. Hi, What I want to do set and on and off time and date (which are on different dates) but can only get it to work with the time, not the date. I can get it to work using the "From Hour" and "To Hour" tags but I cant get it to work with the "Month" or "Day of the "Month" tags. I'm not sure of the format, I have been trying to write to them from a RTC Date variable using the array functions and a Date input from the HMI which seems to be working but the "Schedule" function doesn't seem to use the information. I have "2017" written to the "From Year" and "To Year". Any help would be great. Adam
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