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  1. Hello, Anyone have Executed MQTT Broker Connectivity??if yes, which one is best and Open source and easy to set up?? & How to set up the same?? I have tried with mosquitto Broker but unable to Execute. I think Some MQTT Broker set up issue should be there but unable to identify the same. I have used Address As a IP and also URL but not able to Execute. Anyone having Throughout the process please share. Thanks!!!
  2. Hello, What are the possible ways to Download the Program through Ethernet from remote location. My OPLC is V700 Thanks!!
  3. Santosh, It is possible to communicate as per shown in below set up. You can connect multiple devices as per above set up with terminating last device with 120 ohm resister. do it in this way and let me know.
  4. Hiii... I am able to do VNC connection between "Unistream PLC to PC" within same network via PC as well as Mobile. But how i can connect "Unistream PLC to PC" From remote location i.e. In different network. Please help me out of this problem. Thanks..
  5. Hi, I am sending SMS through visiontek GSM module from M-90 to VISION 230 but it is not happening. While it happening from plc to mobile and vice-versa. Please help............
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