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  1. In this configuration, you can only make linear moves. That is, it is impossible to ensure the simultaneous movement of two axes. Today, such modernization is not acceptable. As for me, it is better to put separate drives (stepper motor or servo with Step Dir) on the axle and manage them with one of the available CNC controllers. If there is a desire to use Unitronics then the simplest solution is the Arduino-GRBL controller. It's easy to create a transmitter of commands based on the Vision panel. I created simple positioners for two axes with this principle - everything works. You just need to send to controller G-code commands correctly. And GRBL can control stepper motors in 3D and transfer position to the panel for display. Using of linear encoders for coordinate reference requires a "real" CNC controller with high-frequency inputs (500kHz or more) or modern "Two positioning loop" servo drive. They are quite expensive and require significant skills for mounting and programming. If you only need linear motion without replacing the engine to another one, use the Lenze 8400 high line+encoder or other CAN-open drive and operate it using the Vision panel via CAN.
  2. kratmel


    Thanks Joe. This is literally what I used during the upgrade. However, with transistor solid-state outputs, everything is not smooth. Usually they are not stable in case of short circuit, although manufacturers write that there is protection. Usually when one of the outputs fails, the multichannel circuit failure and the consequences for the PLC are worse than in the case of a relay, which can usually be replaced even in field conditions. Therefore, in slow processes - I apply relay outputs with additional intermediate relays (+ an additional diode in parallel). And the outputs I try to offer more than necessary for the process (it is possible to rearrange the program to another output) or in the extreme case, solder the relay from the free channel .. For high speeds there is no alternative to solid-state outputs. However, regarding the discrete inputs, I really like the solutions that by definition are more stable - have a wide range of voltages and galvanic isolation. During problems with cables, they can withstand high voltage (220-400V) and are not damaged. The relay input in this case is definitely burning. I draw the circuit and collect as works of art in the design of electronics.🙃
  3. kratmel


    You are right Joe. Develop and implement some kind of new device is difficult. However, in my opinion, some manufacturers have universal discrete inputs with a large range of voltages. Others hold only the standard + 24V. Jazz - in my opinion - is the best in old systems that are being upgraded. In some systems there is a problem with different standards of control voltage. I met American steam washers!!!! with voltage in control circuits 120V. It was strange for me. It is difficult to upgrade this washer with PLC - we have a standard 220(380)V or + 24V. At the same time, almost new (2014) crank press for some reason uses 24 VAC and does not have a PLC. I had a problem - how to automate the stamps on it using a standard 24 VDC PLC.
  4. kratmel


    I found some soft starters with universal isolated input. It has wide range of input signals approx 24-250VDC or 24-440VAC. Inside for all input - installed high voltage (800V) MOSFET, zenner, 1smd transistor and 6 smd resistors for driving optocoupler. I tryed to use different signals - it works. It was good solution - build isolated "HV board" or module for Jazz or another OPLC. But it is question to unitronics team.
  5. Thanks Flex727, I must wait for Ethernet card. Then I will try this solution. I think that there is another advantage of such a connection. The user may be in a different laboratory at all. Through the online connection it is possible to see what is happening on the screen and then the student can test some pieces of the code even when he can not be in the laboratory, it is enough to turn on the panel and connect to the corresponding network.
  6. @Ausman, Is it possible to work with 6 panel with differnt IP connected to switch? Change IP in visilogic make possible to use point to point connection with one of them. Now we have local network with 12 PC and only 6 V1040 panel for education with USB connection. Reconecting USB port V1040 to PC in different position is problem. Maybe network connection is best way to offer users posibility to use one of unused at that time panel without problem? So installation Ethernet card to all V1040 and connect panel to local network is a possible solution? I mean the question: Will students be able to work in this case using the same switch (local network) for many point-to-point connections.
  7. kratmel

    Jazz JZ20-J-R16-Y database

    Data structure is ladder configured (Like in M91). Data from project once loaded to database is present like 1000 hidden MI. If i load different project (like 10x10 structure) - data present but it was in different places. after load 10x100 project - data present in right place. Only software download-upload function for Jazz2 is not active (not supported). Please see on picture. But all PLC related database function works like on M91 PLC. Now my project is tested. I use database sample from help and add some ladder for machine control. Now i use only 10x3 database. If user need more program only some ladder (database size) is need to be changed. I will try to install Jazz2 on machine and test it in real process on Monday.
  8. kratmel

    Jazz JZ20-J-R16-Y database

    10х100=1000 database memory integers tested. It's works!! I try to enter 0...32767 in different positions of database. Power off is tested - all numbers stay on his position. Load blank project -->> power off --->> load 10x100 project again -- database still present. But only ladder make possible to see this database. U90Ladder not support it for Jazz2 :(
  9. kratmel

    Jazz JZ20-J-R16-Y database

    Thank you Ausman I tried to implement database and found the hidden features of Jazz2 That is, if the employee does not know about the saved settings, he enters 4 settings manually in the main menu ... I try to create the program in such a way that the Database is only a way to restore the parameters for the worker who forgot them or do not know where to read them. That is, if the parameters go beyond the limits when the system is turned on - the system writes the standard values to the main menu and says that the standard values are loaded. If the employee needs to find some of the saved programs - he can look at them and choose. That is, if data in the database is lost then this is a small problem. I solve it with a sticker on the machine cabinet where I print all the tuned constants. I agree that using a feature that is not officially announced by the manufacturer may cause the data storage or another problem. It would be nice if this feature becomes standard for Jazz2 (+1024MI bonus) Therefore, we will assume that I use it at my own risk.
  10. kratmel

    Jazz JZ20-J-R16-Y database

    Yes, I try to do some check, U90Ladder do not offer database future for Jazz (See pic.) But sample code Programmer 10x10.U90 works fine. Programmed in database numbers stored and restored into MI0-MI9 correctly (See sample project code form help). In online monitor SB40 SB41 is changed when i try to change program number or settings for different parameter. I try to check approx 10х100=1000 database memory integers and post result in topic.
  11. Hi everyone I retrofited old high power UV lamp control system. Jazz PLC installed and programmed. User need only 3 timer for change on display. Now user need up to 20 different program with 3 edited parameters (timers). I found sample code file Programmer 10x10.U90 for M91 OPLC. And try to download it to Jazz JZ20-J-R16-Y (Changed M91 to Jazz in hardware configuration). Looks like sample code work fine (all parameters in all programs is present after power off). After that i found in U90 ladder help: "Jazz controllers do not offer a Database".????🤔 What i must do now: - Make database in ladder; - Try to use "not offered Database"? Maybe Jazz 2 has some M91 "hidden" function... Any ideas?
  12. Can you provide more information about gas flow meter and amplifier. User manual, or a link? 8VDC Prox switch is very strange 😥 !
  13. Sometimes it is necessary to do repairs when there are no original spare parts or they arrive for a long time. You reminded me about the Enter key. Machine Amada - Enter completely destroyed. Temporary solution - the external button is soldered to the corresponding matrix keypad conductors. This may be a solution when it's impossible to fix the program However, definitely
  14. I send for you blank project. I import to this project two librarys in different language (eng and ukr-cyrilic). This 1 and 2 lib files is exported from this project to CSV files - import seperator is ( , ). Please try to open blank project and import this two files into 1-st and 2-nd librarys. If import is OK - make your own CSV file with the same structure as my CSV file. Please install to visilogic cyrilic font before import files and choose this font in import process. 2_lib.csv 1_lib.csv LENGUAGE.vlp
  15. In Vision OPLC panel single touch sensor used. It is not possible to switch on both HMI button at the same time. But logic needed (see Joe T. ladder) for prevent to fast (pseudo simultaneously) output switching. By the way is the best solution. In fast AC motors reversing by PLC (like old CNC turret) is used 3 power contactor. Two for reversing phase on AC motor and one for turn power on when one of reversing contactor is energised.