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  1. Maybe use images for animation is as large as can be for SAMBA 7 But you must make some ladder for image manipulation.
  2. You should also mention the different types of USB to RS232 adapters, choosing the right driver for them, and applying the "unnatural" power for some interfaces (like Jazz PRG) from the transmission lines. Galvanic isolation for the adapters, the quality and length of the cables. So still on the shelf I have from DOS3.0, DOS 5.0, DOS 6.22, Win95, Win98 computers with hardware RS232 and the correct Standard. Big Box with different connection cables and adapters also present. And it is not museum :).
  3. We have an oven with two heating zones 45+45kW. The zones are not isolated from each other. Accordingly, in both zones, we must obtain the same 200 + -3 degrees C temperature. The project was implemented on the SAMBA PLC which supports two PID loop. Question: Is it possible to auto-tune both PID at the same time (on Sambа)? Maybe someone has experience - simultaneous start autotuning two or more PID loop. I can start both channels separately (but I'm not sure - is it settings will be correct if one heating channel is used for the entire volume of the oven). However, the heating time of the oven with two groups of heaters (two channel) is more than 3 hours and the full cooling reaches 24 hours.
  4. I use USB to RS485 isolated, work fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Industrial-USB-to-RS485-Converter-Magnetically-Isolated-FT232-ADM2587/163780212831?hash=item26220fb85f:g:T8cAAOSw9N1VlBRx
  5. Hi, SB58 system bit disable remote access. (J20 only). Please check this bit. Try to remove battery for some time. Maybe it is not usefull. But i found the same problem in vision - SB314 bit block plc access.
  6. V200-18-E6B offer isolated analog outputs but you must use separated power supply for this output or use VFD +24V power. Maybe this is useful for you. Plase find my link to pdf.
  7. Is it n/p input on jazz setup corectly? Please see in installation manual.
  8. Please post what is changed - V430 or weight controller? What indicator on V430 or on weight controller is damaged. ???? If indicator on V430 is damaged, maybe you may get it from new V430 and install to the damaged device. No programming is needed in this case.
  9. You will need to analyze the PLC's wiring diagram and, if possible, divide it to identify the cause of the problem. For this I use a battery connection and try to operate the control without a power supply. If this does not help to identify the cause, I try to isolate all the circuits using isolating devices (relay, optocoupler isolator). Usually the cause is interference that can be removed with the help of ferrite rings on wires, RC links for AC and diodes for DC on inductances that were forgotten during installation. In my opinion, the problem is not the power. It is noise from some device in ON-OFF-ON condition.
  10. I found one isue with ! Start-Up Display. If user try to delete default ! Start-Up Display rename it and (or) create another display with ! Start-Up Display name or use another Startup display something like this will happen. Please try to start new project and place startup dispay content to default ! Start-Up Display. Then try to use your ladder.
  11. I use china CH340 USB-to-serial converter with all RS232 device - work fine with WIN10. But probably a lack of communication is not related to the driver or adapter type. You must read MJ20-PRG manual http://support.elmark.com.pl/unitronics/PDF/M9091JAZZ/Jazz Add-on Modules/JZ-PRG_INSTL-GUIDE_01-06.pdf and check voltage on 1 and 6 RS232 power* pin. to GND 2 or 5 pin. Power from USB-to-serial converter may not be sufficient for the MJ20-PRG adapter to function properly. Maybe external +12V power supply needed. Please see app note about this connection. 68Ohm 1W resistor needed.
  12. I found that issue present on Win XP computer with 9.8.65 Visilogic that i must use on site. I was not allowed to use my computer for this job and I had to install 9.8.65 on a computer that used to collect data (old Win XP machine) . I returned to my Win 7 and all selected String is visible. Thanks to @Ausman
  13. Visilogic software provide String Library option. Now i must to do some changes to one of my project (used 9.8.65 Visilogic version). When i try to use Library String Selector i see and must to find down scroll button by mouse....(see arrow on pic). Only after that i see a string that i must to change. Yes, i can use Enter on keyboard or Edit String button on screen, but i do not see what String is edited Quastion: Is it possible to make selected string visible after "String Library - Choose String" window appear? I tried to enlarge the window but its size is not saved and the next time I use it, I need to look for the selected String again. P.S. This may be a minor issue, but with a large number of captions to edit, I keep making mistakes when editing and it takes extra time. Especially when working on a site with a computer without an external mouse
  14. Maybe you must try to replace Ethernet card or try to reinstall present card.
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