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  1. I have my own way of storing completed projects for a PLC - to send an archive with a file from my own mailbox to my other mailbox. The file remains in the folder in the mail sent and in the mailbox. The advantage of such a method is the availability of the two copy of project in an arbitrary place where there is an Internet connection. A thumb drives has already become such a number that I'm starting to forget where I recorded something
  2. As i see it is Samba PLC. Maybe you use the port and protocol configuration wіthout SB2 contact. You must go to info mode and Stop PLC for make connection possible. Please post vlp with protocol config.
  3. kratmel

    number saved as text

    I do not know if this will help, but in some programs it is a warning that when exporting to the exel, you must remember the country in which you are. In that case, excel use system separaror that is a coma or dot. It is selected in excel parameter. Please uncheck "use system separator" and use dot as excel internal separator. Then try to reopen your file.
  4. Perhaps the only problem is programmed in PLC logic of work. If we have a cyclic process, then it's easy to go back to the previous state before power is turned off. However, if the power supply turning off can cause uncontrolled events in the system, it is impossible to return to the previous state. It usually causes a complete restart of the system or the operator's intervention needed. P.S. I liked the mechanical "PLCs" installed in old washing machines. Turning off the power did not affect the cycle of work. After turning on the power, all processes continued until the end of the program. An electric motor and a drum with contacts are good "memory registers" that are not erased when switched off.
  5. kratmel

    Unitronics on TV

    I'm very far from Chicago but the internet is incredible and I "walked" to this place and made a "photo". VFD below control cabinet say - "It is real installation!" Some vintage devices present also :)
  6. kratmel

    Setup vs commissioning - a matter of language?

    As far as I understand, this concerns the integration of frequency converter control (commisioning) functions into the software. Such software accelerates the commissioning process. Because it is not necessary to keep specialized software on the computer for this purpose. However, it will probably not affect the time of mechanical installation or connection of this type of device. Therefore, I think that these two sentences have different meanings as the JohnR noted. P.S. When I need to compare similar terms, I try to translate them into another language and then do the reverse translation. Sometimes there are quite interesting experiments.
  7. I have the same issue.. As i see for time keypad entry checkbox is active. Maybe problem is in selected area - checkbox is not active for day and month? This question is to creators.
  8. Maybe https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/i-updated-my-plc-v570v350-system-files-and-i-had-power-break-down-during-the-download-now-my-plc-has-a-black-screen-how-can-i-recover-the-plc will be helpful.
  9. kratmel

    RS485 With Termination or not?

    At a time when the optical fiber only appeared in automation, I sometimes must to replace it with a pair of twisted wires as wrote Aus (not even shielded) and the 485 receiver + transmitter. There was also an optical isolation and all this works until today. Now I understand that I did not even think about how fast the connection was. But terminators were needed at both ends of the line. Otherwise there were communication errors that arose when something powerful turned on nearby.
  10. MENU >MATH>FLOAT>BASIC>STORE DIRECT (A=B) F function present in ladder
  11. kratmel

    RS485 With Termination or not?

    It's hard to add something, but the main thing to say is that the V570 panel has an optically isolated port. In my experience, it's important to keep this isolation when creating a longer network link. That is, use a separate power supply and properly ground the cable screen (if present). Many times I additionally put an optical insulator (or use RS485 isolated add-on card) for this network because without the isolation from time to time the drivers of the signal transmitter failed. And the main thing to pay attention to the advice of forum participants
  12. It is sound like Watchdog try to restart system. Maybe you must try to remove battery and check it. If U<3V replace it. Try to restart, if not - try to go to info mode.
  13. What with communication cable shielding? Connected according to the manual? Is it shielded cable used for motor connection? Is it VFD and shielded motor cable correctly grounded? Is it communication OK when VFD is stopped?
  14. kratmel

    Flyback diode

    I like flyback diode built-in connector or very close to the coil
  15. You know the maximum engine speed. In the driver, set analog output parameters so that it has 10V when the engine rotates at maximum revolutions per minute (rpm). Next, in the Samba controller, use the linearization block and convert the maximum value of the analog input code to the maximum engine speed you have. See help chapter Linearizing an Analog Input Value.