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  1. Maybe solution is ISD multi message chip http://www.electronics-lab.com/project/voice-recordplayback-module-using-isd1932-isd1964/
  2. Please note - some device use 380V to 24V transformer and do not use neutral conductor. Standard switch mode supply use 100-270VAC input. Than you must use 380 to 220V transformer and standard switch mode supply. Or use 3ph 380VAC to 24VDC industrial switch mode supply.
  3. kratmel


    If there are many free relay outputs, I try to do duplicate outputs for responsible tasks. That is, on the same function I use two outputs. Ideally if they are twice as needed. Then, at the time of delivery of the new controller, the user can itself rearrange the wire to the backup output. For simplicity, one of the contacts of two relays with the same functions is connected by a conductor. And accordingly, no reprogramming is required. For inputs I did one backup input which user can enable in parallel with one of any available. But here is the condition that it must be foreseen that this switching takes NC or NO input signal. The same can be done with outputs. JoeT say - solid output +relay on the I/O expansion module with galvanic isolation is the best!
  4. As we see - it is broken screen on the top left. Sensor on display maybe is "touched by self" - so this screen mode is activate. Or as Flex727 say - it is battery issue.
  5. kratmel

    What NOT to do when you run out of fuses!

    One of control box before upgrade, Little Jazz is very helpful in this case.
  6. kratmel


    You can use database option for M91 PLC. 1024 MI database present. Sample project - in program help topic. As for me - user can choose stable water amount. Like 0.1L 0.5L 1L 1.5L ect. If you offer to user standart numbers - you can calculate how many user choose each one. And this option do not use a lot of memory. If you has collect amounts of standard water amount, than use simple math = overal whater quantity. And you can download it to U90ladder program like database or see it on display.
  7. kratmel

    shaft resolver

    Direct resolver connection to Unitronics PLС high speed inputs is not possible. Resolver to Digital Converter must be used. Like this: http://www.jvl.dk/files/_2011clean/pdf/ld038gb.pdf
  8. kratmel

    What NOT to do when you run out of fuses!

    Better use "POWER LED" :). No fuse needed.
  9. Is it flayback diode installed on solenoid cirquit?
  10. Maybe it is battery issue. Time and date on panel is not current. ???
  11. Try to build black HMI display with big black flat button without any text. Timer activate black display after no activity. Only problem - you need to save display # to return. Brightness also maybe used in this case.
  12. I test on V1040 + V200-18-E46B hardware - started with no problem. Maybe problem with sensor configuration or connection. Panel installed on machine or tested separately? Is it any VFD or not suppressed contactor coil present in control box?
  13. kratmel

    RJ45 to wifi

    I have a small FM radio with the ability to charge and work from USB power supply. This is my favorite tester for USB chargers and power supplies. The radio has an unpleasant noise when the power is low-quality and as practice shows, all devices that receive power from it also do not want to work properly. It also makes a good indication whether the filter (capacitor) helps to improve the quality of the output power. P.S. Thanks for idea - PLC can now be programmed with the panel door closed over wifi. 
  14. By the way... in future... Do not rename the main display when you start a new project. Never wipe the main display out of the project - this leads to incorrect order of display on the screen. And this can not be fixed by creating a new main display. This feature was studied by my students. After wiping the main display, they were not able to restore the normal sequence of opening display at startup and must to completely redesign the project from an empty project. P.S. In your project this isue not appear.
  15. Please see pic. You do not need to load Main Display. Panel do it for you...:) Another display call please set transition contact (see pic)