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  1. I use china CH340 USB-to-serial converter with all RS232 device - work fine with WIN10. But probably a lack of communication is not related to the driver or adapter type. You must read MJ20-PRG manual http://support.elmark.com.pl/unitronics/PDF/M9091JAZZ/Jazz Add-on Modules/JZ-PRG_INSTL-GUIDE_01-06.pdf and check voltage on 1 and 6 RS232 power* pin. to GND 2 or 5 pin. Power from USB-to-serial converter may not be sufficient for the MJ20-PRG adapter to function properly. Maybe external +12V power supply needed. Please see app note about this connection. 68Ohm 1W resistor needed.
  2. I found that issue present on Win XP computer with 9.8.65 Visilogic that i must use on site. I was not allowed to use my computer for this job and I had to install 9.8.65 on a computer that used to collect data (old Win XP machine) . I returned to my Win 7 and all selected String is visible. Thanks to @Ausman
  3. Visilogic software provide String Library option. Now i must to do some changes to one of my project (used 9.8.65 Visilogic version). When i try to use Library String Selector i see and must to find down scroll button by mouse....(see arrow on pic). Only after that i see a string that i must to change. Yes, i can use Enter on keyboard or Edit String button on screen, but i do not see what String is edited Quastion: Is it possible to make selected string visible after "String Library - Choose String" window appear? I tried to enlarge the window but its size is not saved and the next time I use it, I need to look for the selected String again. P.S. This may be a minor issue, but with a large number of captions to edit, I keep making mistakes when editing and it takes extra time. Especially when working on a site with a computer without an external mouse
  4. Maybe you must try to replace Ethernet card or try to reinstall present card.
  5. Please try to see P1.08=0 P1.09---P1.12 I'm installed application with high inertia and 3sec stop time (DECC =2.5sec, and DC-Braking 0.5sec) --working fine. Must use Braking resistor connected to VFD. P/S From manual... Remove the yellow warning labels of PB, (+) and (-) on the terminals before connecting the braking resistor; otherwise, poor connection may occur
  6. What type of input: npn or pnp is used? Is it n/p pin connected acording to the manual? It is the 4, 6 status led - it must show the input pulse on/off. Where is connected 5,7 pin?
  7. I recently met with a PLC that had a power supply with supercapacitors UPS to keep it running when the power went out. Like this: https://www.neousys-tech.com/Resource/Product_Document/PB-9250J-SA/pb-9250j-sa-industrial-intelligent-supercapacitor-power-backup-ups-module.pdf?20190523
  8. One of the app note http://apps.geindustrial.com/publibrary/checkout/AN18-001?TNR=Application and Technical|AN18-001|PDF&filename=AN18_001_Connecting power supplies in parallel.pdf Sample https://www.power-supplies-australia.com.au/blog/connecting-mean-well-power-supplies-parallel
  9. Second one is universal Bluetooth access point with standard classic 2.1 and 4.0 mode.
  10. this is maybe industrial https://www.anybus.com/docs/librariesprovider7/default-document-library/brochures-datasheets/anybus-wireless-bridge-serial---datasheet.pdf?sfvrsn=2 or https://www.anybus.com/docs/librariesprovider7/default-document-library/brochures-datasheets/Anybus-Wireless-Bridge-II.pdf
  11. find doc in french http://www.pl-systems.fr/wa_files/bluetoothinstallation_022016.pdf but no com module with BT on Unitronics site :(
  12. I try to compare V200-18-E46B 24VDC I/O module and a Siemens 24VAC input I/O module. It is interesting that the input electrical schematic diagram of both modules are actually the same since the PS2705 optical converter is used. In V200-18-E46B PS2705 it is used for switching PNP or NPN logic. It seems to me that the difference is only in the response time - 10ms for Unitronics 24VDC I/O and 25ms for 24VAC siemens I/O. So I think that to work with a 24VAC one diode (or 4diode bridge) and a small (0.1-0.47mF) capacitor are enough. However, keep in mind that AC experiments should be done using a separate group of inputs.
  13. Some sensors work as an antenna. If the frequency converter is turned on, they catch its signal and generate a false signal at the output. In this case, it is advisable to try to activate the sensor with the disconnected VFD.
  14. Is it this VFD settings correct? P00.01 Run command channel = 2, P00.06 or P00.07 Frequency command selection = 8
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