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  1. Hi AlexUT, I know about card and controller capacity limitations and format limitations. Especially about Siemens :) There will be a problem with the small capacity card in the future. It's just a matter of time. Last week I was looking for a new CF 128MB card for the machine (2009). It must be formatted only in FAT. It's now impossible to find them smaller than 4GB. The Unitronics controller now meets the requirements for card use, but 1TB cards are already flooding the market. Therefore, the search for solutions for the use of new large memory cards in controllers will become relevant very quickly. Supported FAT32 File system is limited to 1 primary partition - it is not problem - problem is how to make this one partition on large card.
  2. This is my simple protocol configuration for zebra motorola LS2208 barcode scanner. You can use numbers placed in vector copy MI150 (in my sample), if you scan another barcode it will be replaced (MI50 to MI150 copy vector) P.S. But maybe moderator can place this part of topic separately.
  3. Hi, As decleared in https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IO-RO8_L-5408-0051-9.pdf I0-R08 has 12VDC option ----- I0-R08L. The main issue with expansion = P-ON condition. Both - PLC controller and EX-A1+IO-R08 IO must be powered from the same power supply. By the way if you power M91-2-R1 and EX-A1+I0-R08L from 12V 1. Both the OPLC and the EX-A1 must be connected to the same power supply. The EX-A1 and the OPLC must be turned on and off simultaneously. 2. The 12VDC power supply is supported by versions V2.00 (EX-A1) and later. As for me you can power M91-2-R1 PLC with power supply 12VDC and only galvanic isolated version EX-A2X+IO-R08 from separate 24VDC but you must turn ON both PLC and IO at the same time.
  4. It may be necessary in the future to allow the formatting of large cards into a small capacity (limit its capabilities to FAT32 accordingly). If it is possible to do it at all with new large capacity cards. Alternatively, add an card format option to PLC info mode (uni app) functionality. P.S. It has been done in drives that replace 1.44fdd. They format the flash media themselves into 100 small virtual disks.
  5. You can use delta software http://www.deltaww.com/services/DownloadCenter2.aspx?secID=8&pid=2&tid=0&CID=06&itemID=060201&typeID=1&downloadID=B2+Series&title=B2+Series&dataType=8;&check=1&hl=en-US and try to check data flow from and to drive via SAMBA port monitor in SAMBA info mode. But i do not know about delta software connection to the drive. If it is via RS485 - you can use SAMBA for monitoring.
  6. You can scan barcode by Protocol FB. Scanned barcode is replaced by another one in buffer if you try to scan another barcode. There is several options in this process: 1) Barcode 1 = Barcode 2. User can scan barcode 1 (or barcode 2) two times and it is wrong solution. 2) Barcode 1 not equal Barcode 2 but these two barcodes is an assembly unit - you can scan it and find a row in DTI where another one barcode is present. 3) Use two barcode scanner with different positions (stationary) connected to different com ports. Parts scanned if it fit correctly. 4) Barcode 1 + Barcode2 = constant. Scan barcode1 add to SUM tag, scan barcode 2 add to SUM tag and compare with CORRECT SUM tag. Reset SUM. 5) Generate different sound for different barcode (zebra motorola barcode scanner has this option embedded into firmware). I implemented barcode scanner for wire harness checking device. The main problem - user scan barcode - check wire harness ---OK. Then user scan barcode for another one but did not check another wire. The first OK wire harness is checked many times. In system log all wire is checked but it is not correct. After all we used hardware for marking good wire harness and if marking is present - user cannot check one wire many times. This problem is the main in your system. User can scan correct part many times and use wrong one in assembly.
  7. I think that to communicate with the instrument you do not need to worry about the checksum when receiving messages. The key is to make sure that the entire message is received (checksum as a number and also {} as characters) and that each part of it is correctly written to a variable. You will be able to transmit all the values you need and then you can start experimenting with a checksum to ensure a guaranteed transmission.
  8. I used this little samle for read non standard protocol from power supply. Message with different length easly read in to MI vector. PROT_FB.vlp
  9. In one of my projects, I measured the length of the material using an encoder. The customer initially wanted to print the measurement results on a thermal printer (Zebra GK420d) locally and be able to view the status remotely over the network. However, after buying Samba SM35-J-T20 and conducting tests, he wanted to implement reading the order number using a barcode scanner. I could not install the optional com port because it was replaced by a network adapter. After testing with the printer, I found that it only needed two wires GND and TX. The barcode scanner (LS2208 RS232) also work with only two wires GND and RX. By configuring this two devices at the same speed, I was able to connect them simultaneously on the same com port via Protocol FB. For the printer, I used an example posted by Ofir from the topic I think for the readers of the forum will be a useful link to the online label generator http://labelary.com/viewer.html This helps to create a print label quickly and efficiently with minimum PLC requirements.
  10. Is it RX-TX cable connected properly? In Example you can see 570 modbus loopback test project with modbus setup for one V570 with two rs232 port connected TX-RX, RX-TX. Use this example for test connection with two device. Both of them can be master or slave on different com port.
  11. V350_PID simple demo.VLP V120_PID_motorized_valve_output_with_physical_feedback.vlp in Examples
  12. It is one more testing method for your USB-to-serial adapter. Please download terminal program (like hercules ect...). Plug USB-to-serial adapter to USB port and temporary connect 2 to 3 pin together. If you send some characters from terminal you will recieve it back if this adapter is operational. Then you can test wires that go to Jazz PRG at the same way. (connect RX + TX line together by wire without Jazz PRG).
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