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  1. Daniel_EWW

    "HMI Overload" in version 22.13

    I never got the message "invalid date". However, I have the same thing that the files get saved with a "random" number. Now I'm using the "Filename" tag with a ASCII timestamp.
  2. Daniel_EWW

    RemoteOperator w/Windows 10 Pro

    Thanks for your answers, In the meantime I tried the file on an other Win10 computer. There I could open the file without problems. I will let the customer know that he schould uninstall the Remote Operator and install it as admin. I will keep you informed as soon this was done.
  3. Daniel_EWW

    "HMI Overload" in version 22.13

    Hi Andreas, thanks for you reply with the feedback from Unitronics. First of all the good thing is that I haven’t seen the overload message for the last couple of days . I’m using the newest Unilogic version (1.23.25) and the SD Management was already configured when the Overload screen appeared. So, I my case I do not see a connection to the files on the SD card… I’m still wondering if there is a connection between the online view mode and the HMI resources?
  4. Daniel_EWW

    "HMI Overload" in version 22.13

    Hi, I have the same problem that the HMI overload screen appears (mainly when oppening a screen with trends). My observation so far is that the overload screen only appers when the program online view is on. Is there a possible connection between the online view and the HMI resources? On one HMI Screen I have up to 4 trends (only one is a visible in dependace of the selection)... May this be the Problem? However, I also got the overload screen when other HMI screens are opened. Thanks.
  5. Daniel_EWW

    RemoteOperator w/Windows 10 Pro

    Hello, we have a problem with the Remote Operator running on a Win10 System. When you try to open an existing project or save a project the following error appears. The program is executed as Admin. Does someone knows a solution to this problem? Thanks,
  6. R.Mozes, thanks for your support. Your description solved the display problem :). Daniel
  7. Thanks for your answers. I tried out all your suggestions. Unfortuantely, I had no success so far. (@Felx727 what do you mean with re-initialize?) In two day I will receive a new PLC...
  8. Hi, does somebody knows a solution for this display problem? Never had this before... The PLC is a completly new one. I already tried to reinstall the OS. Everything else seems to be ok. Thanks, Daniel
  9. Daniel_EWW

    Modbus TCP Slave Import Address list

    Hello Ofir, Thank you for your response. I am looking for a possibility to import the Slaves Addressing list to the UniStream. For my project an import function would have the following benefit: I have 12 times the same machine part with the same data structure. One time I will fill in the tags manually in the Slave Addressing list. Then export the list to Excel -> duplicate it -> import it back to the UniStream. In Excel, it is easier to change e.g. the Modbus addresses and so on. Is it possible to add 65535 Register and Coils to the slave list or is there another max limit of data?
  10. I'm working on a project in which I have to provide a huge number of data to a upper level SCADA system with Modbus TCP. Is there a possibility to import Slaves Addressing Lists from Excel? (like the export option?) Is it possible to use the Advanced Modbus Functions to provide data addressing as Modbus Slave? Are there any other options to provide the data? Thank's for your help!