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  1. I always get the message "Could not apply command" when I try to upload the retained memory. In this case, we use UniLogic 1.19.83 software. After two years of operation the message "HMI overload" appears. (Too many files in the SD data sample folder?) What is the best way to upgrade the software? Is it possible to download the current tag values as it was possible with the remote access in the VisiLogic?
  2. New situation... As I mentioned before I use a VPN connection to the facility. Now I opened a wireless mobile connection to get an additional internet for TeamViewer support. I tried to download the same modification like before. And... no more reset is required. This could have been also the problem when I was at the facility site. I did not had an internet access before we finished the installation of the remote access router.
  3. Today I am back in office and we have a VPN connection to our facility. I modified two text boxes in one HMI screen. However, I cannot download it without a reset. Due to the VPN connection to the facility, TeamViewer is not ready for other connections. When I get this solved, I will ask for a remote session so that you can have a look at it.
  4. Correct, right now everything is back to normal. No reset required after ladder software changes. Completion time after ladder changes below 1 min. A rebuild all (ladder time) takes now approximately 5:35. If it happens again, I will contact you and we can debug it with a TeamViewer remote session. (What is the best way to contact the support? – The page http://forum.unitronics.com/support/ seems to be down) Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for your support. Maby I have to increase the RAM of my laptop (currently 8 GB). Do you think that the project is too big or at the limit for the PLC? I did not made a print screen of the donwload dialog. The reset icon was next to all functions I modified. E.g. I changed one ladder element -> in download dialog the reset was required due to this function were the modification was done. In this case only the timers were affected from the memory loss.
  6. I sent you the project via wetransfer. Is there a log file where you can see what function needs recompilation? This would help when the compilation time problem occurs again. There was no (or at least not much) difference in time between compile and rebuild all. (In addition to the compilation time, the PLC needed a reset after small ladder program changes.) All timers pre-set values become zero.
  7. Yesterday I had the same problem with the long ladder compiling time. Each compiling took more than 10 minutes. I rebooted the PC several times and tried to delete the temp files (it is possible to delete files like JET5F11.tmp, however I cannot delete files like ~DF88DF201B390B0325.TMP) and executed the rebuild all function. Nothing was reducing the compilation time. In the evening, I upgraded the software from 1.26.90 to 1.28.26. However, the compilation took also a long time. So I still use the 1.26.90 version. Today the compilation was faster (around 2 min.) Nevertheless, each download could only performed with a reset. Even if just one coil was added. Normally, the PLC needs only a reset if you change something in the hardware or after adding a tag in the data sampler... To make things even more confusing. In the evening several downloads where performed without the need of a reset. (I was not rebooting the PC, I did not executed the rebuild all function) The project file has 19 MB; 54 % of the retained memory are used (manly due to retained DataTable); and 14 % of non retained memory. What can cause the long compiling time? Can I send you the project? What is the difference between compiling and rebuild all? Another strange behaviour have retained timers. The sometimes lose their pre-set value.
  8. Saragani, please can you give me an update to this topic? I always get the message "Change fail, not in range" if the default gateway is not set to 0. With the VisiLogic PLC it was possible to configurate the IP address with a ladder instruction. Each of our facilities has a unique number and according to this number we generate an IP address. So for us it would be great to have this function also in the UniLogic. (It dosn't matter if a restart von the PLC is required) It would also be nice to have the Modbus Communication IP as tag value instead of an static IP. Modifing the CPU IP on the HMI has no affect at all. Is this only possible in the UniApp?
  9. Saragani, thanks for your answer and for your offer to send the project to the R&D guys. We will reconsider using the pre-defined template.
  10. Hi, can someone tell me how to import tags in a project which was created with "pre-defined tags"? (In this case we use the pre-defined tags because we are in progress to convert a V1210 project to the unistream) Thanks!
  11. You are right that USB is not mentioned in this chapter. But as you can see in the picture of the PNOZmulti Configuration tool you can add virtuel I/O's. And it is working perfectly :). To the test configuration: I connected the PNOZ mm0p via a USB cable to my PC (PC is USB Host). Now it is possible to communicate with the mm0p via a termial program (e.g Hterm) as described in the manual. No additional HW needed. The "only" thing missing is the implementation of the "usbser.sys" driver in the unistram operating system ;).
  12. Hi kratmel, this is not correct. You can exchange data (virtuell I/O's, LED Status and so on) over the integrated USB interface even with the standalone device mm0p (As you can see in the picture of my first post). And this is really graet to exchange information with the main PLC. http://downloads.pilz.nl/downloads/PNOZMulti/PNOZmulti_Com_Interface_Op_Man_1001154-EN-10.pdf See chapter 5.3.
  13. Hello Unitronics Team, I tried to connect the pilz PNOZ safety PLC to the Unistream USB Host to exchange data. Unfortunately, this was not succsessful. Windows is using the "usbser.sys" driver to communicate with the pilz PLC (see enclosed picture). I do not know how complex it is to implement this driver in the Unistream PLC. Maybe you can look into it. The communication between the PC and the Unistream with a USB rs232 adapter with the prolific chip is working wonderful :). Best regrads, Daniel
  14. I never got the message "invalid date". However, I have the same thing that the files get saved with a "random" number. Now I'm using the "Filename" tag with a ASCII timestamp.
  15. Thanks for your answers, In the meantime I tried the file on an other Win10 computer. There I could open the file without problems. I will let the customer know that he schould uninstall the Remote Operator and install it as admin. I will keep you informed as soon this was done.
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